Modi Is For Consensual Constitution Making

Nepal statute must be through consensus: Modi
"Delay in writing the Constitution will not be in Nepal’s interest" ..... the parties should try to write the new statute through consensus and not on the basis of numerical majority. ..... the new statute should reflect the aspirations of Madhesis, Pahades, and the Maoists and other people in the country. ....... While the ruling parties want to opt for voting in the Constituent Assembly where they have more than two-thirds majority with the help of other smaller parties, the UCPN (Maoist) and the Madhesi parties have insisted “consensus only” approach. ........ his remarks is likely to please the Maoist and Madhesi leaders. ....... The Madhesi party leaders who were miffed that the Indian PM assiduously avoided mentioning Madhes in his remarks to Nepal’s Parliament would be very happy with the public display of support for them.


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