CK Is Out, Finally

Chandra Raut
9:15 AM

Paramendraji, thank you very much. I just came out of jail. We need your help to invite/inform all world media, diplomats etc. on Nov 26th mass-gathering in KTM. Would you please send this PR to all of them as much as you can, if you don't have list, would you please spare some time to collect emails of international media too..

Please circulate the following.

Dr. Raut Released from Dillibazar Prison on Bail
To address mass-meeting on 26th November in Ratnapark, Kathmandu at 12:00pm

Kathmandu- 24th November 2014, Respecting the verdict of lakhs of people, who with much love and trust, voluntarily donated one-rupee each to secure the release of Dr. C. K. Raut; to unveil the conspiracies of national and foreign power-centers to prevent Madheshis from getting their rights, to kill Dr. Raut in fake encounters in the police custody, and to finish him off in a mafia-style by hiring a shooter, Dr. Raut decided to get out of jail by paying the bail amount of Rs.50,000/- as ordered by the Special Court.

Dr. Raut is scheduled to address a mass-meeting on November 26th, 2014 at 12:00 PM in Ratna Park, Kathmandu. It should be noted that the national and foreign forces shall attempt their best to foil our peaceful assembly on the day and prevent Dr. Raut from addressing the mass, by confining him behind the bars through any possible and unjust means. But our scheduled programme shall continue by all means. All well-wishers, journalists, intellectuals and diplomats are kindly requested to attend the mass-meeting.

Upon release from the special court in Babarmahal, Dr. Raut thanked the gathering waiting eagerly outside and said that all the recent events, sufferings and his stay in jail had made him stronger and more passionate and determined about his goal. Dr. Raut was arrested on September 13th, 2014 by the Morang Police. The Government of Nepal had filed a treason charge against him demanding life-imprisonment on October 8th for expressing his views on separate Madhesh. He was sent to the Dillibazar Jail on October 14th, after he refused to pay a bail amount of 50,000 rupees, as ordered by the Special Court.

Binay Panjiyar
‘Save Dr. Raut’ Struggle Committee, Kathmandu
Phone: +977-9808112405, 9843492466

Paramendra Kumar Bhagat
Paramendra Kumar Bhagat

अरे CK ------- welcome back! Finally ! Absolutely ---- I have been using this mailing list, 9,000 strong, that I created during the 2005-06 democracy movement, that includes Nepalis across the world, Madhesis included, plus a ton of international media organizations, human rights organizations, political parties, etc. It is pretty comprehensive. मै broadcast कर देता हुँ ---- बिल्कुल।

You will see online इधर से भी बहुत लोग active रहे हैं।

रिहाई का बधाई -------- एक बार ऐसे ही बधाई इमेल किया था जब वो लोग अनशन तुडबाए थे -- लेकिन वो तो fraud निकला !

Be safe. Your organization should take precautionary measures. Security के लिए संगठन के कुछ लोगोको जिम्मेवारी दे देना बेहतर होगा। Can't take any chances. मन्जिल करीब है।

Get some much needed rest. Eat well. Get in good shape for the big day.

जनकपुर बारह बिघा मैदान में मोदी को बोल्ने नहीं दिया गया ---- आप जाके बोलो।


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