Hindi And Nepal

Indo-Aryan languages, grouping according to SI...
Indo-Aryan languages, grouping according to SIL Ethnologue (Urdu is not shown because it is mainly a lingua franca with no prevalence as a first language.) Central and East Central zones Northern zone Northwestern zone Eastern zone Southern zone Insular (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The vast majority of Nepalis live local lifestyles. They live near where they were born. And that should tell you the importance of the mother tongue. Government services and schools should speak to this. Primary education is best given in one's mother tongue. Understanding that is key to achieving a 100% literacy rate.

India is the number one destination for Nepalis who go outside the country for work and education. And that is why Hindi should be available to learn in every school in the country. Not only that, Hindi is on its way to becoming on par with the English language itself. Technology will translate the entire Internet into Hindi soon enough. Hindi will become the sixth language at the UN. What English is in Europe, Hindi should become for South Asia. Resistance is futile.

Nepali, Hindi, the various mother tongues, English. I am for all of them.

Google announces Indian Language Internet Alliance, aims for 500 million internet users by 2017
Google aims to get 500 million internet users in India by 2017. In an effort to promote local language content on the internet, Google also announced its Hindi Voice Search. It also launched the website hindiWeb.com, which shall offer curated content in Hindi. ...... Google voice search and Knowledge Graph suggestions will be available in Hindi with the option of multiple Hindi fonts available at Google.com/fonts. Stuff like Keyboard Predictions in Hindi, already available on Android One devices shall also be extended. ..... In September, it launched its Android One devices with standardized hardware, stock Android experience and timely updates. Though the devices are all priced above the mental barrier of Rs 5000, Google expects to break into the extremely lucrative low end smartphone segment with its Android One offerings. And if we needed more testimony, it lies in the fact that Sundar Pichai, now widely claimed as one of the top contenders for the top job in Google came to India to kick off the Android One journey. ..... India has 19.8 crore English speakers, almost all of them online, Anandan said today. Regional language content will go a long way in getting the next wave of users online.
Google launches alliance to promote Indian languages on web
The internet search giant says it aims to engage 300 million Indian language speakers through the initiative by 2017. The alliance will work together to accelerate building Indic language content for users in the country. ..... Apart from Google, the group includes Times Internet, C-Dac, Reverie Language Technologies, LinguaNext Technologies, DB Digital, and Amar Ujala Publications among others. ..... "Our mission at Google is to ensure the world's information is universally accessible, and this includes the millions of users in India who are about to come online for the first time. Hindi Voice Search will be just one of the many steps Google is taking to empower the Indian language users and advertisers to take advantage of the web's huge economic and social potential."