SAARC Observations

English: Benazir Bhutto, photographed at Chand...
English: Benazir Bhutto, photographed at Chandini Restaurant, Newark, CA by iFaqeer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
(1) Isolating Pakistan Would Be A Bad Idea

(2) China Should Try And Go Back To Double Digit Growth Rates And The Way To Do That Is Through Bold Political Reforms To Eventually Lead To Political Pluralism

(3) India Is About To Become The Fastest Growing Economy On The Planet And Nepal Is Wanting To Miss Out

(4) The Army And The Intelligence Services In Pakistan Are Not Exactly Under Pakistan's Parliament And Not Exactly Under The Pakistani Prime Minister

(5) Pakistan Is As Much Under Attack By Islamic Extremists Internally As Is India, That The Pakistani Intelligence Services Use Them When Convenient Does Not Make It Black And White

(6) The Only Way South Asia Can Compete With Europe Economically Is If Pakistan And India Normalize Their Relations

(7) In A Democracy The Army Is Strictly Under The Parliament, And Pakistan Is Not A Full Democracy In That Sense

(8) America Can Help Pakistan Become A Fuller Democracy

(9) India Can Help Nepal Become A Fuller Democracy: The Nepal Army Also Needs To Be Brought Completely Under The Parliament

(10) The Muslims Are In India What Blacks Are In America: That Needs To Change

An Optimistic Scenario


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