The Monkey Power Brokers Of Kathmandu

The Monkey Power Brokers Of Kathmandu

Four Billion Dollars, Earthquake Victims, And The Monkey Power Brokers Of Kathmandu

Four billion dollars is a lot of money. Fuck, it is a lot of money for fucking Bill Gates. It simply is a lot of money, no matter how you see it. A billion is a lot of money for India to give. Modi lost Bihar because he gave a billion dollars to Nepal and the Biharis found out. All those school buildings they so desperately need. That is a world class school for every district in Bihar, gone down the Ganges. Four billion is a lot of fucking money.

And the donors are the sharpest minds in Delhi, in Brussels, in DC. They are scratching their heads. To them it is simple. A line is the shortest distance from point A to point B. There’s the earthquake, there are the earthquake victims, and here is the help they desperately need. This money will not make the earthquake victims rich, but it will tide them over. Maybe they will not die in the cold. So let’s move.

These monkey power brokers in Kathmandu are not dumb. If they are dumb, how are they managing to outsmart the smartest people in Delhi, in Beijing, in Brussels, in DC? They know exactly what they are doing. It is the donors that are confused. It is the donors that are in denial. The game these monkey power brokers in Kathmandu are playing is the exact same game they are playing with the Madhesh movement.

This is how the game gets played. If the donors were to make peace with the fact that half the money, or maybe two thirds of the money, will go to these monkeys instead of those hapless earthquake victims, then there would be no starvation and pneumonia in the Himalayas right now. So, now, you tell me, who is starving the earthquake victims? The donors? Or the monkeys?

Why do you need a new, separate government mechanism to funnel the aid? We already have a government in place. That is what the monkeys are saying. But the donors are not listening. It is the donors’ fault that they are not listening. The donors are responsible for the fact these people are dying up there in the Himalayas. Let me explain, they say. Or maybe I have already explained. You think we can’t get our act together and pass a simple bill? We passed an entire constitution in record time, and you think we can’t pass a bill? A simple, fucking bill?

You have to give it to them. Fidel Castro stood up only to America. But these monkeys are standing up to the entire fucking world. Fuck China, fuck India, fuck Europe, the fuck with America.

Now you get to appreciate what the Madhesis are up against. Now tell me why the Sherpas and the Tamangs and the Magars and the Dalits - the earthquake victims - should not get their own country like right about fucking NOW! Not federal state, but an entire fucking country. Because that country would go for the point A to point B thing in no time. Here are the earthquake victims, and here’s help, and let’s connect the two dots as fast, as best we can. Let's move four months ago.

December 31st is going to come and go. These people are not going to blink. Monkeys don’t blink. You blink. Heck, you run away. I mean, it is not like they have not already made themselves ample clear. Who are the donors kidding? Don’t they pay taxes in their own countries? If they want to help these Sherpas, Tamangs, Magars, Dalits, why will the donors not be willing to pay a little bit in transition tax? These monkeys run an entire government. And that government wants its cut. How hard is it for the sharpest minds in the world to understand? It is that or you end up with dead people. Since when did death become a problem? Next year send a few billion for falling leaves.

The recent anti-graft drama has been designed for the viewing pleasure of the donors. Look, we are not the same country no more, we have gone anti-corruption. We are nabbing people.

To the locals it looks otherwise. The Prime Minister is going after only his political opponents. This is no anti graft drive. This is small minded vendetta.

These monkeys are talking the exact same language to the Madhesis. Madhesis are point A to point B people. They understand modern democracy. They birthed it, for crying out loud. If only the Madhesis understood that all they have to do is accept this constitution the monkeys have written, there would be no fuss. No one gets hurt. So if people are getting shot, whose fault is it really? Who is the one not accepting the constitution? That is how their mind circuit works.

If the sharpest minds in Delhi, Beijing, Brussels and DC can’t cut through this mind circuit, they should at least have some empathy for the Madhesis as to what they are up against.

Go read the Ramayana. You will meet plenty of these same monkeys in the Ramayana. Evolution needs time. Give it to them.

The Delhi, Beijing, Brussels, DC people will not dwell upon Nepal for long. They will go back to other business in due course of time. They have plenty to do. But the Madhesis are stuck with these monkeys. They don’t have the luxury to move on. And so the idea now is to shift the national capital to Birgunj and leave the Pashupatinath Temple for exclusive use by these monkeys.

There are monkeys at the Pashupatinath and the Swayambhunath temples, but none at the Janaki Mandir. The monkeys know who their kith and kin are. After all, we are all only a few hundred thousand years removed from our common ancestor. Time, as you know, is relative.


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