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India’s Nepal Mess: Result of a Mix of Arrogance and Ineptitude
by Shashi Tharoor
“Who Lost Nepal?” ..... India’s de facto blockade of Nepal has choked the country’s economy, cut off its oil supplies, caused genuine hardship and provoked a groundswell of hostility against our country – from the one place on the planet whose relationship with us is so fraternal that we maintain open borders with it. ...... India’s displeasure at Nepal’s new constitution and its refusal to accommodate the desires of its Madhesi and Tharu population is understandable. The people of the Terai (or the Madhes, as Indians prefer to call the region south of the hills abutting our border) are in many ways kin to – and essentially indistinguishable from – their brethren on our side of the frontier. ...... New Delhi allowed itself to be on the losing side in the prime ministerial race, unsubtly backing Koirala and turning K P Oli into a raging anti-Indian chauvinist. ...... Some Nepalis consider them to be essentially transplanted Biharis, but they have been there for centuries and more, and no one contests their legitimate claim to an honoured role in shaping Nepal’s political destiny. But rather than choosing an inclusive path by giving them their own autonomous regions or provinces, the new constitution essentially renders them a minority in almost every province bar one .......

at the height of the Nepalese civil war less than a decade ago, 7 million of Nepal’s 27 million people had sought refuge in India (undocumented, since Nepalese need no passports to come here).

..... If the anger in the Terai leads to a separatist movement, for instance, India will likely bear the brunt of a new refugee crisis. New Delhi felt, understandably, that Kathmandu’s leadership, overwhelmingly composed of the dominant hill elites, should have taken India’s concerns into account before announcing a constitution so fraught with potential problems....... The suspicion that in doing so the BJP government is pandering to voters in Bihar’s ongoing assembly polls is not entirely unfounded. ..... A political envoy, or an all-party team of Indian political leaders with well-established contacts in that country, should have been dispatched before the summer with a clear and unambiguous message of the importance India attached to a formula acceptable to all shades of Nepali opinion....... instead of sending a message to the elite in the hills, we hurt people we didn’t want to hurt – the aam aadmi of Nepal. An ordinary worker in Kathmandu who can’t get an auto-rickshaw to take his pregnant wife to a hospital because there’s no petrol in the pumps isn’t going to worry about the niceties of constitutional inclusiveness. He is just going to curse India for doing this to him. We made enemies of the very people we have always claimed are our brothers....... A basic rule of international politics is that you apply pressure calibrated to a desired outcome – in this case, changes acceptable to the people of the Terai. But instead we imposed a blockade after the constitution had already been adopted; it would be impossible for any government in Kathmandu to change it at this stage under Indian pressure without being perceived as surrendering its sovereignty. So we have incurred deep unpopularity in the hills without gaining anything concrete for the Madhesis – a lose-lose proposition. ....... On top of that New Delhi allowed itself to be identified with the losing side in the prime ministerial race, unsubtly backing Sushil Koirala and turning the once-Indophile Oli into a raging anti-Indian chauvinist. Well, Oli is now the prime minister, Delhi: deal with it.

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ये कहना की मोदी ने देर कर दी नेपाल के संविधान में दिलचस्पी इतने देर से लि की वक्त निकल चुका था। वो सरासर झुठ है। मोदी एक साल में दो बार नेपाल गए। खुद। दुनिया का सबसे व्यस्त आदमी एक साल में दो बार गया। सारे देश को कहा, सबको मिला के चलिए, ऋषि मन से संविधान लिखिए। खुला दिल, उदार दिल। प्राइवेट चैनल की तो बात ही छोडो। भारत और नेपाल का प्राइवेट चैनल बंद होता ही नहीं कभी, मौसम बेमौसम सुबह शाम खुला रहता है। जयशंकर के नेपाल जाने से हप्तो पहले रेगन गोर्बाचेव समिट स्टाइल में नेपाल के दो दो भुतपूर्व प्रधान मंत्रियो को दिल्ली बुला के ससम्मान फिर से अनुरोध किया। सबको मिला चलिए। लेकिन लात का भुत बात का कबसे हो गया?

नेपालको लोकतंत्र के रास्ते पर लाने के लिए राजीव गांधी ने अंतिम अस्त्र नाकाबंदी का सहारा लिया। नेपाल को संघीय रास्ते पर लाने का अंतिम अस्त्र है नाकाबंदी। नाकाबंदी से ठीक पहले शांतिपूर्ण आंदोलन में उतरे मधेशीयों को मक्खी की तरह मारा जा रहा था। सर पर ताक ताक के गोली चलाई जा रही थी। काठमाण्डु का दर्द दर्द है, मधेस का दर्द दर्द नहीं?

When Jayshankar showed up in Kathmandu was actually the perfect time to make amendments. Close to 100 amendments had been filed. If only they had been allowed due process (like following the international norm of whips not being issued in a constituent assembly, each segment of the proposed constitution going through due debate and voting), all parties to the process would have been satisfied. But due process was thrown out the window and Constituent Assembly members herded like cattle. No wonder we have a fast food constitution that is giving constipation to two thirds of the country.

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Frist Madhesh Aandolan Review...

बधेश आन्दोलनक समिक्षा देखु, बुझु आ आरो लाृकके बुझबा लेल सेयर अबस्य करु से निहोरा dinesh rasya

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