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भारदह र ढल्केवरमा गएराति दर्जनौं राउण्ड हवाई फायर
यसैबीच मधेसी मोर्चाको अनिश्चितकालिन आन्दोलनको शनिवार

७१औं दिन

सप्तरीको जनजीवन कष्टकर बनेको छ । दसैंको पछिल्लो तीन दिन सप्तरीका तिर्थस्थलहरुमा जाने सवारी साधनलाई बन्दकर्ताले अवरोध गरेको थिएनन् । तर, शुक्रवारदेखि पुन: बन्दकर्ताहरुले सप्तरीको भारदह, राजविराज, रुपनीसहितका ठाउँहरुमा टायर बालेर प्रदर्शन थालेका छन् । बन्दकै कारण सप्तरीमा पेट्रोलियम पदार्थ, खाना पकाउने एलपी ग्यास, औषधीसहितका आवश्यक सामग्रीहरुसमेत अभाव भएको छ ।
Bihar pre-poll survey predicts big win for Nitish-Lalu alliance
The ‘Grand Alliance’, as it is called, is predicted to win 129-145 seats in the 243-member state assembly with a 46% vote-share. For the BJP-led NDA, the survey projects disappointing numbers with the alliance ending up with just 87-103 seats with 38% vote-share. ...... the survey predicts almost a whitewash for the smaller NDA parties with negligible results. The BJP is projected to win just half of the seats it is contesting. ...... For the BJP, which believes in the star power of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a loss in Bihar would crush the party’s morale. As for Nitish, a defeat would add further heartburn after the humiliating defeat in the Lok Sabha elections.

Election diary: Schools to farms, Bihar skips real issues
Girls were given bicycles early in his tenure, which shot up enrolment, and triggered a demand from the boys--the sarkar obliged. Both were given uniforms and scholarships; mid-day meals were provided. The incentives were created, the demand for education surged.

Today, Bihar has 815,000 girls studying in Class 9, only marginally less than the number of boys.

......... A lady who cooked the mid-day meals at school concurred. “Kids only come to eat. It is more a canteen, less a school.” ...... till a decade or two ago, it was inconceivable almost

a million girls would be in high school in Bihar

and every child, irrespective of caste, would be sitting together in the same classroom. The paradox - it is precisely this success that has exposed the hollowness of the system inside, and need to focus on quality, not just quantity. ........ Like everywhere else in Bihar, many from the region have also migrated outside - and support families back home, giving rise to the

money order economy

which helps drive the consumption boom of the region. This is of course not to paint an image of a blissful, prosperous Bihar. But there is something changing in how people live and spend. ........ agriculture is still dependent on the whims of rain god; and the surge in consumption is not driven by a corresponding increase in local productivity and wealth creation. ...... Imagine if I am out and my papa or mummy die and I can’t see them, I will never be able to forget it.”

तराईलाई नेपाल भन्ने, तराईबासीलाई भारतीय देख्ने ‘राष्ट्रवाद’ मूर्दावाद ! :: via @sharethis

Posted by Er Satya Narayan Shah on Friday, October 23, 2015


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