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Nepal turns to China for fuel after India restricts supply
Fuel-starved Nepal has signed an agreement with China to import gasoline, diesel and cooking gas, effectively ending a monopoly on supply from India, which has restricted fuel convoys as a result of political protests in the Himalayan nation. ..... Details on how much fuel Nepal will receive, prices and other arrangements still need to be worked out, Baral said, but he confirmed the supply would be on a regular basis. .... An Indian Oil Corp. official said he did not know what Nepal and China were agreeing to, but that Indian supplies were moving again, with 35-40 percent of normal shipments sent into Nepal over the past few days. .... Aid groups have said that, without enough fuel, they’ve been unable to deliver food, blankets and other supplies to remote areas now threatened by the coming winter weather. ..... Earlier this week, China announced it would give Nepal 1.3 million liters (340,000 gallons) of gasoline to help ease the shortages. The fuel, which is expected to reach the capital by early next week in about 100 tanker trucks, would normally be enough for four days but will be rationed for vehicles. .....

Bringing in fuel from China is a logistical challenge. The border runs along the world’s highest mountains and the two crossings were damaged by the earthquake in April. Only one has reopened this month.

..... “This shipment is only a token from China, but

commercial import is not practical right now

because there is no infrastructure or equipment available at this border point to transfer fuel,” said Keshav Poudel, editor of the Spotlight news magazine. He said the road is so narrow at some points that only one vehicle can squeeze through at a time. ............ Last year, Indian companies signed agreements to build two hydropower plants worth $2.2 billion, while a Chinese company is finalizing a deal to build another plant for $1.5 billion.
केरुङ नाका पनि रोक्छौ: उपेन्द्र यादव
‘सरकारले मधेस आन्दोलनको माग सम्वोधन नगरी चीनबाट पेट्रोलियम पदार्थ ल्याए केरुङ नाका पनि ठप्प पानेर्छौ ।’ .... केरुङ नाका वन्द गर्न सक्दो तागत लगाउँने बताएका उनले त्यसका लागि

आदिवासी जनजाती तयार रहेको

जनाए । भारतको विकल्प अर्को देश हुनै नसक्ने जिकिर गर्दै उनले चीनबाट समान ल्याएर नेपाल कहिल्यै उँभो नलाग्ने दावी गरे । भारतसँगको सम्वन्धलाई अन्य देशसँग तुलनै गर्न नसकिने उनले बताए ।
चीनको तेलले नेपालीको हित हुदैंन : ठाकुर
चीनबाट पेट्रोलियम पर्दाथ भित्र्याउदा समय र ढुवानी खर्च दुवै बढी लाग्ने भएकाले चाइना संग गरिएको सहमति नेपाली जनताको हितमा नभएको बताए ।उनले भारतको सिमाना देखि काठमाण्डौको दुरी २ सय किलो मिटर भन्दा बढी नभएको र एक चोटि लोड भएपछि गन्तब्य सम्म सोझै पुग्ने भएकाले भारतसंग इन्धन आयात गर्दा नै नेपाली जनता र उद्योग दुवैको हितमा रहेको बताए ।तर,

चाइनाबाट आयात गरिएको इन्धनलाई ६ सय ५० किलो मिटर भन्दा बढी दुरी सम्म ढुवानी गर्नुको साथै ठाउँ–ठाउँमा लोड अन्लोड गर्नु पर्ने भएकाले ढुवानी खर्च बढनुको साथै लागत खर्च बढने

उनको भनाई छ ।अध्यक्ष ठाकुरले तराइमा जारी आन्दोलनको निकास मुलुक भित्रै खोज्नु पर्ने समेत बताए ।अधिकारका लागि मधेशी जनता आन्दोलित हुनु मुलुकको आन्तरिक विषय भएपनि सोको निकास बाहिर खोज्दा मुलुकको विदेश निति कमजोर हुनुको साथै मित्र राष्ट्रहरु संगको सम्बन्ध विग्रिने सम्भावना बढाएको अध्यक्ष ठाकुरले प्रतिक्रिया दिए ।उनले घरेलु नितिकै वृहत रुपमा विदेश निति भएकाले आन्तरिक समस्याको समाधान मुलुक भित्रै खोजनु पर्ने भएपनि त्यसो नगर्दा मित्र राष्ट्रहरुसंगको सम्बन्धमा असर पार्ने र हाल त्यस्तै परिस्थिती निर्माण भएको बताए ।
हामी कता जाादैछौं ? China says will support Nepal 'sovereignty' after landmark fuel deal
The deal ends India's status as a sole supplier of fuel for Nepal and will pave the way for closer economic relations and trade with China, officials said, amid Kathmandu's on-going differences with New Delhi over the Constitution issue. ..... "In response to a request from the Nepali side the Chinese government decided to supply a certain amount of emergency fuel assistance so as to help Nepal tide over fuel shortage," spokesperson Lu Kang said. .... "We support Nepal in its efforts for ensuring independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. We will lend assistance to Nepal within our capabilities."
मधेससँगको मिलनबिन्दु


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