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In Nepal Stalemate, Madhesi protests go Gandhian
the stalemate between Nepal's ruling and social elite in Kathmandu and the agitating Madhesis, Tharus and janjatis in its southern plains continued unabated. .... Madheshi took the Gandhian path of protest by forming human chains across the terai bordering the Indian states of Bihar and UP. ..... The treaty of Sugauli however did not or rather could not sever cross-border social linkages though people from the terai were separated into two nationalities. The agitating Madhesis ( Tharus, janjatis and muslims included) seem adamant on adhering to another Gandhian cry of 'do or die' to end what they call years of humiliation and discrimination. ...... "The Hill bahuns have steamrolled the constitution to continue as overlords of Madhes," Yadav said, buttressing his view by pointing to 'cold blooded' murders in the terai. "Over 40 people have died in these state sponsored killings," he said before sounding an alert on the finding of unidentified dead bodies in a river bed. ..... "Police are indiscriminately using lethal force against Madhesi protestors." ...... The Madhesi blockade has resulted in a chronic shortage of supplies, especially petroleum in the valley. Kathmandu has reacted with seething anger against India, blaming New Delhi of imposing an unofficial embargo. ..... "We Nepalis are proud of our roti-beti ka sambandh with bordering Bihar and UP," he said, cocking a defiant snook at barbs referring to Madhesis as dhotis, Biharis and Indians. ...... "Stop calling everyone who wants an inclusive constitution an anti national element," Manjushree Thapa, Nepal's most acclaimed English writer tweeted on Friday, reiterating on FB: "...if you look at the language they (liberals) are using, its completely divisive..calling protesters 'enemies' and 'Indian agents' instead of engaging with their demands. I suppose liberals were supposed to tolerate, if not support, dissent." ..... Thapa also snubs India-bashing that has gripped Kathmandu:

"We were taught from an early age..blame India for everything. Nothing will improve, but at least it'll distract people from our own shortcomings."

........ "By creating a trust deficit between the hills and the plains, a selfish oligarchy in Kathmandu has pushed Nepal into this internal conflict," Dipendra Sah, a Janakpur lawyer said.
ओली बिकृत मानसिकता भएका नेता – महतो
Nepal’s big 3 parties unite against India

Prior to this, NC, founded in Kolkata in 1946, had never been in conflict with India. It had rather been party to almost all treaties and agreements with New Delhi that Communists found loaded in favour of India. On the contrary, CPN-UML and UCPN-M take to the streets against India at the drop of a hat.

..... Signaling further hardening of Nepal's position, Oli has opposed incumbent PM Sushil Koirala's recommendations for constitutional amendments to accommodate some of the issues raised by Madhesis and other disgruntled groups. Koirala called for such changes a little before he put in his papers to pave the way for the selection of a new prime minister.

"These recommendations are only for show,"

Oli, who hails from Jhapa bordering Darjeeling district, told media in Kathmandu....... Bhattarai explained that he would fight for the cause of Madhesis and Tharus, who mainly live in the Terai bordering Bihar and UP. During their "people's war" that lasted 10 years till 2006, the Maoists had promised autonomy to all major ethnic groups, including Madhesis and Tharus. He said his campaign would be on the basis of "progressive nationalism". ....... What communists and former royalists define as "Nepali nationalism", many in NC and Madhesi parties dismiss as "anti-Indiaism". Communists, both mainstream and underground, oppose India-Nepal treaties on water resources and trade, accusing Delhi of turning Nepal into a captive market. They want abrogation of the India-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship 1950, saying it benefits New Delhi more than their country. ...... They find India either condescending or insensitive. Many point out the sudden swing in India's policy in the last three months.
Does Nepal's new Constitution really call for India's intervention?
The widespread opposition to the new Constitution of Nepal is not a bolt from the blue. In January this year, lawmakers belonging to the Madhesi and Maoist parties scuffled with the ruling party MPs in Parliament and gained worldwide notoriety. ....... The ruling class in Nepal has always been an alliance of upper caste Chettris (Kshatriyas), and Brahmins, called Bauns in Nepal. They are the most powerful of the Khas Arya. Khas Arya comprises of Chhetri, Brahmin, Thakuri and Sannyasi (Dasnami) communities. ...... The three main parties, Nepali Congress, United Marxist Leninists (UML) and United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), essentially represent the interests of these ruling classes. The Chettris and Bauns are also settled historically mainly in the hilly areas. .....

The Madhesis along with the Dalits and janjatis have been excluded from mainstream politics and development in Nepal for centuries.

It was to address this historical exclusion and injustice that the first Interim Constitution of 2007 incorporated ethno-federalism and proportional inclusion, the basic demands of Maoists and Madhesi parties. ....... The Tharu demand for a separate Tharuhat hasn't been met at all. Tharus are the indigenous people of the inner Terai areas and are also settled in bordering areas of India, in Uttarakhand mainly. Till the 1950s, they were the only inhabitants of the inner Terai as the region was infested with deadly malaria, and to even spend a night in the Terai was thought to tempt death. The malarial jungles and swamps acted as a sanctuary for Tharus, and they survived with little contact from the outside world. After the eradication of malaria with the use of DDT, the region saw largescale migration from the hills. ...... in Kailali district, which saw brutal violence that killed eight security personnel and a toddler, the percentage of hill people has gone up from 5 % to 52% in the past three decades alone. There are signs though that the Madhesi and Tharu dissident groups are coming together ....... Madhes's Mithila art and culture is so rich but go to any library and museum in Nepal and see for yourself how much space is given to our culture. The discrimination is very internalised among the hill people. Now that my people are dying like cattle, there is no way I can just look the other way ....... Anti-Indianism won the day for the upper-caste power elite of Nepal once again. However in the present scenario, Madhesis are not ready to back down, having suffered repeated betrayals ...... Disappointed by the new Constitution, Bhandari says, "This is in fact a regressive Constitution in every sense; why do they want to go back in time and undo the progress we have made in the turbulent 10 years?" ....... It does no good to India-Nepal relations or the hill people-Madhesi relations. Madhesis have close and historic ties with parts of India and there is a thriving tradition of 'roti-beti' (interdependence and intermarriage). That Madhesis are identified with India is a reality that cannot be wished away. While Indian government doles out aid and wisdom to Nepal, it would do well to remember that

generations of hill Nepali immigrants have faced harassment and discrimination in India.

They have carried those sordid tales back to their children and thus, in a way, Madhesis are paying the price of that discrimination faced by Hill Nepalis, identified as they are with India because of their ethnic ties. ........ a resolution can only be achieved if they are ready to share their power and let the old Chettri-Baun hegemony be dismantled. The new Nepal that Nepalis aspire for is not a nation that's feudal and exclusionary. ........ Women groups are unhappy and so are the indigenous people, and of course the Madhesis have been ignored in a big way ....... every group but the ruling elite supports federalism, decentralisation of power and proportional inclusion. ..... It is for the three main parties, to see reason and open a sincere dialogue with dissatisfied sections of Nepalis.

संविधानमा संशोधन आवश्यक छैन, एमालेले स्वीकादैनः गौतम

“नेपाल राज्य चार हजार वर्षदेखि निरन्तर छ, नेपालको उत्तर र दक्षिणका राज्य चार हजार वर्षदेखि निरन्तर छैनन्, भारत एवम् आधा चीनलाई अन्यले उपनिवेश बनाउँदा नेपालको केही भू–भाग गुमे पनि पूरै नेपाललाई अधीनमा राख्न नसकेकाले अब पनि नेपाल कसैको अधीनमा जाँदैन”

..... अब राजनीतिक समस्या छ भन्नेहरु नेपालको अस्तित्व समाप्त गर्न चाहने सोचका भएकाले त्यस्त व्यक्तिहरुबाट सचेत हुनुपर्ने ....

जनसङ्ख्याका आधारमा मात्र निर्वाचन क्षेत्र निर्धारण गर्न नहुने बताउँदै उहाँले अहिले संविधान संशोधन गर्ने कुरामा एमाले सहमत हुन सक्दैन हुन सक्दैन

..... भारतले अघोषित नाकाबन्दी लगाएर पेट्रोलियम पदार्थ ल्याउन नदिए त्यहाँबाट आउने तरकारी, चामल र कपडा पनि चाहिन्न भनेर आत्मनिर्भर हुने बानी बसाल्नुपर्ने पनि उहाँले बताउनुभयो ।

“भारतसँगको व्यापारमा वार्षिक ६५ प्रतिशत घाटा हुने भएकाले नाकाबन्दीको विकल्प खोज्न सके नेपाललाई घाटा हुँदैन”

भोलीसम्म मधेशका एजेण्डामा ३ दलको मस्यौदा ल्याउन मोर्चाको माग
जारी मधेश आन्दोलनको ५० दिन पुरा, नाकाबन्दी अझै शसक्त पार्ने महतोको भनाई
अध्यक्ष महतोले भने, ‘नाकाबन्दीले देशवासीलाई दुःख भएको छ, यो हाम्रो बाध्यात्मक अवस्था हो, ४० दिन सम्म हामीले आफ्नै नाकाबन्दी गर्यो तर सरकारले सुनेनन् । त्यसपछि बाध्य भएर हामीले नाकाबन्दी गर्नु पर्यो । ’ ..... ‘सरकार र तीन दल वार्ता प्रति गम्भीर नभएको आरोप लगाउँदै, ओलीको कटु बोलीले गर्दा मधेश आन्दोलन लम्बिदैं गएको हो,’ उनले आरोप लगाए । सरकार र तीन दल अहिले आन्दोलनलाई सम्बोधन गर्नको सट्टा सत्ताको खेलमा चुर्लुम्म डुबेको भन्दै यो दुर्भाग्यपुर्ण भएको जिकिर गरे ।
दसैंमा पनि आन्दोलन नरोक्ने मधेसी मोर्चाको संकेत
संविधान संशोधनको प्रस्ताव अपूरो छ : महेन्द्र यादव
दसैंमा पनि मधेस आन्दोलनको स्वरुप नफेरिने .... सरकारले ल्याएको संविधान संशोधनको प्रस्तावले आन्दोलनको प्रमुख माग सम्बोधन नगरेको

Why Bihar is tracking a group of protesters on a border bridge
As Madhesis dig in, a warning: ‘If the Central govt makes a wrong move, it will affect the BJP in the polls’.
It’s well past midnight but Raxaul is wide awake. The road to Nepal has been blocked by Madhesis, but a crowd has gathered outside the home of Mahesh Kumar Agrawal, who has offered space to set up a langar (canteen) for the protesters. ........ Agrawal, who runs Mahima Exports, is a well-known businessman in this border town. He is also a BJP activist. And under the glow of electric bulbs near the open gate of his home, it’s clear that

the agitation against Nepal’s new Constitution is spilling over into the politics of Bihar too, where two alliances are fighting a close electoral battle this month

........ “We have been providing food in batches to an average of 6,000-7,000 people round the clock every day,” he said. ...... Agrawal said this initiative was “above political considerations” and driven by local residents who have a “roti-beti” (economy and blood) relationship with the Madhesis on the other side. But he is equally sure that the handling of the Nepal issue by India would impact the elections in Bihar. ....... “If the BJP government (at the Centre) commits a wrong move, it will affect the party in the elections. But if it takes the right step, it will benefit as well. For around 50 km inside Bihar from the border, it is a beti-roti relationship of people joined by blood ties and trade for centuries.

This border can’t separate us

, we are the bridge between the two countries,” said Agrawal. .......

“people in 40 per cent of Bihar’s assembly constituencies are related to Madhesis”.

“Everyone here is closely watching how the central government deals with this situation,” said Agrawal. ...... “So far, people are happy that India has taken a strong stand. We need to put the ‘Paharis’ (hill people) in their place. We have been doing so much for them and see what they are doing — burning our flag and the effigy of our Prime Minister,’’ he said. ........ “They have been blackmailing us for too long. Let them seek support of China. At least 67 per cent of Nepal’s foreign trade and 80 per cent of its petroleum products go through this border. This agitation and blockade will expose them,” said Agrawal. ....... Last Thursday, Agrawal had a special guest for dinner: Rajendra Mahto, president of the Nepal Sadbhavana Party (NSP) which is actively involved in the Madhesi blockade. “What is good for India is good for Madhesis. The nationalism of the Nepali-speaking people, the Paharis, is based on opposition to India and anti-Indian sentiment alone. Only a strong Madhesi can weaken that anti-India drive,” said Mahto. ...... Mahto said: “It is not India’s dharna. It is our dharna. Let them resolve the issues with this Constitution and accept our genuine demands — we are only seeking equal rights — this blockade will vanish in seconds”. ...... Mahto said the Madhesi movement is “grateful for the support India has extended, especially since September 16, when Kathmandu passed the new Constitution. “If this support lessens, the Madhesi movement will fail and it will be life of slavery for us. If this movement weakens again, it will mean that Bharat will fail,” Mahto said. ...... The Indian administration has so far been silently monitoring the situation while being visibly sympathetic towards the Madhesi agitators. Yet, there is apprehension — on both sides of the border — that India may come under pressure to remove the blockade. ..... “They (Nepal government) want to turn the Madhesis into slaves,” said Suresh Kumar Gupta, who stays on Naga Road in Raxaul, adding that his wife is from Dakela Bhaveri, 15 km from Birganj on the other side. “My sister is married in Birganj too…

If the Indian government buckles and puts pressure on our Madhesi brothers, we will come out on the roads, too. We will break the bridge on the canal, let them do whatever they do then

,’’ said Gupta as the others gathered around nodded their heads in agreement. .......

The only visible difference between the Madhesi visitors and local residents is the colour of their motorcycle number plates: red for Nepali citizens.

बिहारमा बीजेपीको पाहुना बन्दै महतोले भने- भारतले सहयोग नगरे मधेसले हार्छ
'मधेसले हार्नु भनेको भारतले हार्नु हो'
मध्यरात कटिसक्यो, तर रक्सौल जागै छ । ..... उनको घरको खुल्ला गेटमा बलिरहेको बिजुलीको चमक मुनि नेपालमा नयाँ संविधानविरुद्ध जारी आन्दोलनलाई बिहारको चुनावमा कसरी उपयोग गर्न सकिन्छ भन्नेबारे विवेचना भइरहेको छ । ......

‘उहाँहरु बहुतै राम्रा मागहरु लिएर धर्नामा बसिरहनुभएको छ । उहाँहरुलाई हामीले सहयोग नगरे कसले गर्छ ?’

...... आफूहरुले प्रत्येक दिन औसत ६ हजार देखि ७ हजार आन्दोलनकारीलाई भात खुवाउने गरेको उनी बताउँछन् । ..... अग्रवालको भनाइमा नेपालका आन्दोलनकारीसित उनीहरुको ‘रोटीबेटीको सम्वन्ध’ छ । उनलाई यो पनि थाहा छ, नेपालको आन्दोलनलाई साथ दिन सके बिहारको आगामी चुनावमा कसरी प्रभाव जमाउन सकिन्छ । ..... ‘यदि विजेपी सरकारले गलत कदम चाल्यो भने यसले चुनावमा पार्टीलाई असर गर्न सक्छ । तर, सही कदम चालेको खण्डमा फाइदा लिन पनि सकिन्छ । बोर्डरबाट ५० कलोमिटर वारपार रहेका जनताबीच व्यापारको मात्रै सम्वन्ध छैन, रगतको सम्वन्ध पनि छ,’ अग्रवाल भन्छन्,

‘बिहारका ४० प्रतिशत मतदाता मधेसी समुदायका छन् ।

त्यसैले केन्द्रीय सरकारले यो विषयलाई कसरी ह्याण्डल गर्छ भन्ने महत्वपूर्ण छ ।’

विद्रोहबाट काठमाडौं कब्जा गर्ने उपेन्द्र यादवको चेतावनी
'बकम्फुसे वार्ताको काम छैन'
‘वार्ताबाट मधेस प्रदेश बन्छ, लिम्बुवान बन्छ, नेवा प्रदेश बन्छ भने वार्ता गर्नुस्, नत्र काम छैन’ उनले भने-‘मधेसमा विद्रोह हुन्छ र विद्रोहीले काठमाडौं कब्जा गरेर नयाँ संविधान बनाउने छ । त्यो संविधान समावेशी हुनेछ । यो बकम्फुसे वार्ताको काम छैन ।’ ..... ‘अब आन्दोलन र विद्रोह अगाडि बढ्यो । जनताको मुक्तिको बाटो भनेको विद्रोहको बाटो हो ।’ .... ‘मुक्तिको आन्देालन हो । जनता लड्न तयार छ । तपाईहरु खुट्टा नकमाउनुस् ।’


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