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Protests could flare up if the government does not amend the faulty federal design and carve two provinces in the Tarai

बीरगंज में मधेशीयों का सांस्कृतिक जुलुस

Posted by Brikhesh Chandra Lal on Sunday, November 1, 2015

Me: "A troll called me anti-national." @yeti2yeti: "Oh. Then who's Uncle National?" #Nepal

Posted by Manjushree Thapa on Sunday, November 1, 2015

"किन थारुमाथि गोली चलाउनुपर्‍यो ? तिनीहरु सत्याग्रही थिए । आन्दोलनकारी थिए । किन मधेसमा थिबर्बर सरकारी शक्ति प्रदर्शन गु...

Posted by Khushbu Dhoti Mishra on Sunday, November 1, 2015

पहिला ६ प्रदेश, फेरि ६ बाट ७ प्रदेश बनाउँदा कुनै विज्ञताको जरुरी परेन। त्यसका लागि दाहाल, सिटौला र खरेलहरु सर्वविज्ञ थिए...

Posted by Luisang Waiba on Sunday, November 1, 2015

नाकाबन्दी सहितको आन्दोलन जारी छ....संयुक्त लोकतान्त्रिक मधेशी मोर्चाको निर्णय १. शहिदहरू प्रती हार्दिक श्रद्धांजली२...

Posted by Upendra Mahato on Sunday, November 1, 2015
Call on International Community to Address Humanitarian Crisis in Nepal. ____________________________________________________

Dear friends,

This appeal needs a wider support and circulation. Still many people around the globe are not aware of the Indian blockade in Nepal. Let us do our best to internationalize it. Please share, if you care.


We undersigned citizens are deeply concerned that the de facto economic blockade of the past two months by India has resulted in a grave humanitarian crisis in Nepal. We appeal to the concerned parties of Nepal, and to the international community including India to recognise this crisis and take effective steps to bring it to an immediate end.

As is well known, the people of Nepal have been struggling to overcome the impact of the devastating earthquake of six months ago. Coming at the heels of such a catastrophe as well as disruptions caused by political unrest in the Tarai-Madhes plains, the extended blockade by India has crippled the economy of Nepal and led to great human suffering. Vital social services have been disrupted, hospitals have run out of essential drugs and supplies, and UNICEF estimates that more than 1.6 million children have been deprived of schooling over the past two months.

All over, industries as well as small businesses are closed and development activities, including construction of vital infrastructure, are at standstill. Tourism has been severely disrupted during what would have been peak season. Employment prospects have diminished nationally, forcing hundreds of thousands more to consider job migration to India, the Gulf and Malaysia.

The fuel crisis caused by the blockade has cut the food supply chain, causing shortages in all parts of the country. It has disrupted transportation at the height of Nepal’s national holiday season, preventing millions from travelling to ancestral homes. There have been many deaths from traffic accidents caused by dangerously overcrowded public transport, with passengers including women, children and the elderly forced to travel precariously on rooftops of buses.

We 12 citizens denounce the Indian blockade and disagree with the claim that the obstruction at the border is solely the result of agitation within Nepal. There is ample evidence to the contrary, as observed in the go-slow at custom checkpoints, the refusal by the Indian Oil Corporation as monopoly supplier to load fuel tankers from Nepal, and reports in the Indian press quoting border security Seema Shuraksha Bal officers that they have been asked to impede shipments.

We are pained that India, a country that extended such immediate and unstinting support after the April 2015 earthquake, has seen fit to carry out a blockade that has halted the urgent reconstruction efforts that will make people even more vulnerable during the imminent winter season. If the earthquake hurt the Nepali economy to the tune of USD 7 billion, it is estimated that the cumulative loss from the blockade thus far significantly exceeds that amount.

Nepal, a friendly neighbour with deep historical and cultural ties with India across the open international border, is being penalised for something as above-board as promulgating a progressive, democratic, federal and republican constitution through an elected, representative and inclusive Constituent Assembly. Meanwhile, an entire generation of young Nepali citizens, born after the earlier Indian blockade of 1989-90 and harbouring only goodwill towards the neighbour, has been exposed to New Delhi’s harsh action.

Like all other constitutions of the world, the Constitution of Nepal-2015 is not perfect, and we the undersigned too demand certain amendments to bring it fully in line with pluralistic democratic norms and values. The leading parties have already introduced proposals to amend provisions in order to address key demands of disaffected groups, including proportional representation in state institutions. We believe that the complex matter of provincial demarcation in a country of many communities with cross-cutting demands must be resolved peacefully through political negotiation and democratic constitutional process. Meanwhile, we stand for an effective probe into violent incidents of the past two months with the goal of bringing those responsible to justice.

As a sovereign nation-state and a society that believes in due process,

Nepal is fully capable of dealing with its internal challenges, including addressing anxieties of its Madhesi, Tharu and other communities through consultation, negotiation and constitutional amendment.

The solidarity between the communities of Nepal is strong, and they are capable of managing their interrelationships for greater good without the involvement of external actors.

India’s ongoing blockade goes against the principles of Panchsheel, the spirit of regional cooperation under SAARC and BIMSTEC, the internationally recognised rights of land-locked countries, as well as India’s obligations under the bilateral transit treaty of 1991. The blockade contravenes the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, to which both India and Nepal are signatory. New Delhi’s actions amount to unilateral coercive measures with serious negative impact on the enjoyment of human rights covered under various UN resolutions.

It is our considered view, which we believe is shared by millions of Nepalis from mountain, hill and plain, that India’s action of blockading Nepal cannot be justified under any pretext. This unfortunate step has deepened the humanitarian crisis in Nepal and is unworthy of the leadership role that we know India seeks to play on the world stage.

We demand the immediate lifting of the blockade against Nepal and restoration of good neighbourly relations. We call upon the international community to take all necessary measures to end the humanitarian crisis that the country and its people are facing.

Signed: Nilamber Acharya, Megh Ale, Kanak Mani Dixit, Kul Chandra Gautam, Chandni Joshi, Dr. Arjun Karki, Anuradha Koirala, Dr. Bhagwan Koirala, Kedar Bhakta Mathema, Sushil Pyakurel, Kapil Shrestha and Dinesh Tripathi. Released: 10 AM, 30 October 2015, Kathmandu

Ha ha ha....aba suru bhaye jasto chha..

Posted by Abhishek Shah on Sunday, November 1, 2015

मधेश आन्दोलनमा सक्रीय भूमिका निर्वाह गरेकी जुझारू महिलाहरूलाई स्वागत गर्दै-जनकपुर

Posted by सदभावना पार्टी on Sunday, November 1, 2015

संयुक्त लोकतान्त्रिक मधेशी मोर्चाको निर्णय-जनकपुर

Posted by सदभावना पार्टी on Sunday, November 1, 2015

दिल्ली र मधेसीमोर्चाले लाज जोगाउने उपाय भेटेका छैनन्, शिंहदरबारलाई पहाडी जनताको नजरमा गिर्ने डर । यसैले यो त्रिपक्षीय द्...

Posted by Deepak K Khadka on Sunday, November 1, 2015

काठमाण्डौमा आज कार्तिक १५ गते सम्पन्न वृहद अन्तर्क्रियाका झाँकीहरू!

Posted by Dr. Baburam Bhattarai on Sunday, November 1, 2015

नाकाबन्दी जारी हैमहोत्तरीको भिठ्ठामोड नाकामा सदभावना पार्टीका राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष श्री राजेन्द्र महतो

Posted by सदभावना पार्टी on Saturday, October 31, 2015

देशको बर्तमान अवस्थाको निकास खोल्न तत्पर न हुनुको पछाडी के षड्यन्त्र हो भने प्रत्येक नेपालीले प्रश्न गर्ने समय आइसकेको छ |

Posted by Er Satya Narayan Shah on Friday, October 30, 2015

I am attaching an excerpt from Krishna P Bhattarai's book "Notes From Prison: Sundarijal Gaol." His note of Chaitra 17,...

Posted by Minendra Rijal on Saturday, October 31, 2015

आमाको दुध खाएर नअघाउनेहरू अब बाउको घुँडा चुसेर अघाउँछ .....दिनहु जस्तो भारतबाट १००-१५०-२०० ट्यागंकर पेट्रोलियम पदार्थ ...

Posted by Upendra Mahato on Saturday, October 31, 2015

संयुक्त लोकतांत्रिक मधेशी मोर्चाको जनकपुरधाममा हुने बैठकमा सहभागी हुन सदभावना पार्टीका राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष श्री राजेन्द्र महतो भिठ्ठामोड नाकाबाट जनकपुर तर्फ प्रस्थान गर्ने क्रममा

Posted by सदभावना पार्टी on Saturday, October 31, 2015

वार्तापछि सञ्चारकर्मीसंग कुरा गर्दै सरकारी वार्ता टोलीका नेता उपप्रधान तथा परराष्ट्रमन्त्री कमल थापाले मधेसी मोर्चाको सीमांकन सम्बन्धी मागलाई सरकारले पहिलो पटक 'रिकग्नाइज' गरेको टिप्पणी गरे ।

Posted by eKantipur on Sunday, November 1, 2015
चीन भारतको विकल्प हुन सक्छ ?
भावनमा हैन ! तथ्याङ्कका आधारमा यर्थात विश्लेषण गरौ !

(1) जहानीय राणा शासन र निरंकुश राजतन्त्र हटाएर गणतन्त्र स्थापना सहयोग गर्ने भारत !
राजतन्त्र ने ठीक हो भन्ने चीन

(2) १ हजार किलोमिटर खुल्ला सिमा भएको भारत
उच्च हिमाल क्षेत्रमा २० किलोमिटर खुल्ला सिमा नभएको चीन

(3) पूर्वको झापादेखि पश्चिम धनगढीसम्म १९ वटा भन्सार नाकाहरु भएको भारत
पूर्वको ताप्लेजुङबाट दार्चुलासम्म ३ वटा भन्सार नाका भएको चीन

(4) १२ महिना आवत जावत गर्न सक्ने भारत
वर्षको ३ महिना मात्र आवत जावत गर्न सक्ने चीन

(5) नेपालीले उपभोग ८० प्रतिशत सामान ल्याउने भारत
विद्युत र सामान्य लताकपडा मात्र ल्याउने चीन

(6) नागरिकता देखाएर भ्रमण गर्न सक्ने भारत
भिसा र पासपोर्ट देखाएर मात्र भ्रमण गर्न पाउने चीन

(7) भाषा र संस्कृति मिल्ने भारत
भाषा र संस्कृति पटकै नमिल्ने चीन

(8) भारतीय सिनेमा हेर्ने र हिन्दी गीत गाएर नाच्ने नेपाली
चाइनिज सिनेमा नहेर्ने र चाइनीज गितमा नबुझ्ने नेपाली

(9) ऐ मधिसे ए धोती भनेर झिस्काउदा हुने भारत
अलिक बढी बोले तुरुन्त रिसाउने चीन


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