संघीयता पक्षधर ले संगठन विस्तार गर्ने सुनौलो मौका

Altered colors as per latest political scenario.
Altered colors as per latest political scenario. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
बीजेपी ले गर्छ भारत मा ----- missed call भन्ने। नेपालमा पनि अहिले संघीयता पक्षधर शक्तिहरुले त्यो गर्नु पर्ने भो। संगठन विस्तार गर्ने त्यो एउटा सार्है राम्रो तरिका हो। त्यसै बाटो बाट बीजेपी दुनिया को सबैभन्दा ठुलो पार्टी बन्यो।

काँग्रेस एमाले माओवादी लाई सदा सदा का लागि बाई बाई गर्ने मौका हो यो।

अशोक राई ५० सीट ल्याउनु पर्ने तर ५ सीट ल्याएको मान्छे। आफ्ना सबै कार्यकर्ता लाई ७५ जिल्ला मा समेटने बेला यही हो। एमाले नाङ्गो भएको अवस्था छ। एमाले जनजाति को शोसक भन्ने कुरामा अब कुनै दुइमत रहेन।

मधेस का २२ जिल्ला मा मधेसी दल हरु जंगल को आगो जस्तो फैलिने बेला हो यो। संग सँगै दिगो संगठन बनाएन भने आन्दोलन मुतको न्यानो हुन पुग्छ। आयो गयो सकियो, चुनाव मा जित्ने फेरि काँग्रेस एमाले। त्यसैले आंदोलन संग सँगै संगठन विस्तार गर्नु पर्छ। मेम्बरशिप ड्राइव गर्नु पर्छ। मिस्ड कॉल।

२०-२५ लाख वोट को बलमा सारा देशको शासन आफ्नो हात मा आउने देशमा १० लाख वोट ल्याएका ले अब २० लाख, २५ लाख को लक्ष्य राख्नु पर्यो। सकिन्छ। चित्तबुझ्दो संविधान आए पनि त्यसले संघीयता घर को नक्शा मात्र दिन्छ। घर बनाउन बाँकी नै हुन्छ। त्यसका लागि सत्तामा जानुपर्ने हुन्छ।

घरको नक्शा मा बेईमानी गर्ने लाई घर बनाउने जिम्मेवारी दिने रोडमैप गैर जिम्मेवार हो। संघियता पक्षधर शक्ति हरुले सत्ता को रोडमैप अख्तियार गर्नु पर्यो। लोकतंत्र मा जनता लाई गरेको वाचा पुरा गर्ने नै सत्ता मा गएर हो। मही माग्ने ढुङ्ग्रो लुकाउने गर्नु हुँदैन।  कि जनता लाई वाचा नगर्ने। वाचा गर्ने भए सत्ता पुग्ने रोडमैप स्पष्ट पार्ने। त्यस अनुसार को संगठन विस्तार गर्ने।

अहिले best time हो संगठन विस्तार गर्ने।

The new 9 crore BJP: Here's how Modi can use his 'missed call' tech to push the land bill
When the books closed on 31 March, the account keepers of the BJP membership drive were a delighted lot. The number of `missed calls’ for enrollment to the primary membership of the party had reached the nine crore mark. ......... However the party’s appetite has grown bigger and it wants more. The deadline to extend memberships has thus been extended by a month, to 30 April, particularly in states like Maharastra, Jharkhand, Haryana, J&K, which went to polls last year. The party believes that this extended period will give it a chance to meet its stated target of 10 crore members......... For the first time since its inception in 1980, it not only has a clear majority on its own in Lok Sabha but has also become largest political party in the world. It has evolved from being a cadre based party in its erstwhile avatar, the Bharatiya Jan Sangh, to a genuinely mass based modern day BJP. ....... this gigantic exercise. ..... The technology the party adopted to implement its missed call membership drives also gives the BJP a huge data bank ....... It will help the BJP even reach out to states where its organisational strength is limited. ...... “Supposing Modi is going to a tribal area in Orissa or a remote backward region in Bundelkhand, the members could get a message about his visit and other plans. Even if he or she cannot attend the public meeting, in case there is one, he or she can be kept connected through messages. ......... The system does not accept two registrations from same number. ...... Those enrolled as members will be physically visited by a party worker, ostensibly to give them a membership card and some other follow up material such as booklets, pamphlets, names and numbers of party office and local area office bearers, etc. “Names of those who registered by mistake or due to mischief of some one else or with obvious criminal records would be deleted” after these visits, Singh explained. ....... Modi had successfully experimented with this process in Gujarat and is now trying it on national scale. Around 17 crore people voted for the BJP in the last Lok Sabha election.
PM Modi launches mega membership drive, wants BJP to become diverse
He further added that in a party, from bottom to top there should be correct information flow and from top to bottom there should be correct guidance. He also said that BJP workers should toil hard like during an election campaign and make it an inspirational one across the globe. ..... People from all walks of life and sections should have a representative in the party." ..... In states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Goa and others where the party is strong, the BJP will have to increase its membership by four times and work further towards cementing it permanently, he said. ...... Madhya Pradesh has to raise its membership to two crore this time, as per the target, he said. In states where the party is not that strong, it has to ensure that the membership drive reaches from cities to towns, village and to booth level, the BJP leader said. ...... The frontal organisations too have been given the task of registering full-time party members.

BJP is the only party in the country which follows internal democracy in totality by holding elections every two years

, Shah claimed.

Over 1 crore flocked to give BJP a ‘missed call’
Like most good ideas, BJP's "missed call" strategy was simple enough — all a Narendra Modi supporter had to do to join a "NaMo for PM" volunteer force was to call a designated number. ..... But what Modi's backroom was unprepared for was the volume of the response as no less than 1 crore missed calls were logged on designated numbers set up for the purpose. Once a would-be volunteer called a NaMo number, a call centre got in touch with the potential BJP voter and took down details like email IDs and residential addresses. ....... The caller also sought an important piece of information, one which could help turn a 'missed call' into a vote for NaMo. The volunteer's electoral roll number became part of the BJP database. ..... The voter IDs gathered was 20 lakh, more modest than the total number of volunteers registered, but nothing to sneeze at either as it helped BJP track voters all the way to the polling booth. The data processing, conceived by NetCORE's Rajesh Jain, created an impressive base of voter IDs and mobile numbers that let BJP workers identify the specific polling booths where a voter was registered. ....... "Ahead of polling day, the local BJP unit could inform a voter of his booth number and location. On polling day, the party could be sure that a particular voter has indeed cast a vote," said a BJP source. ........ "turning out the vote" in recent elections — the basic ingredient of any electoral victory — BJP's IT support looked to keep volunteers informed and motivated. ..... Once registered through a missed call, the volunteer became part of BJP's ambitious Mission 272 and would be informed of campaign messages and could even work for the party on small assignments. Tasks included circulating campaign material among a peer group or posting audio and videos promoting NaMo on social media. Apart from being force multipliers, the interaction maintained a sense of engagement with voters. ....... The missed calls resulted in BJP managers also receiving a stream of live feedback from voters hailing from different age groups, communities and professions. A fairly elaborate system of screening emails and messages meant that some finally reached Modi as briefs before and after his rallies. ....... In a recent interview, Modi said his decision to attack Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee when he switched track midcampaign was in good measure prompted by emails urging him to raise issues like lack of development and illegal migration. ....... Working the large base of volunteers allowed BJP managers to mobilize support for programmes like 'chai pe charcha' and 'run for unity' where again the particulars of those who showed up were faithfully recorded. ........ BJP sources said party strategists had recognized fairly early on that organizational presence was clearly overstated in many places and membership lists were, to put it mildly, unverifiable. On the other hand, Congress and some other regional parties were much better at nurturing voting blocs and ensuring a network of local organizers and sympathizers brought out the vote on polling day. ....... The missed call numbers gave Modi's team an opportunity to tap into new and active supporters without having to rely on a creaky party machinery......... A would-be volunteer called a NaMo number A call centre got in touch with the potential BJP voter It took down email IDs and residential addresses ....... Caller also sought important info that could turn a missed call into a vote for NaMo ....... Volunteer's electoral roll number became part of the BJP database ...... Once registered, the volunteer would be informed of campaign messages ....... 20 lakh voter IDs were gathered and it helped BJP track voters all the way to the polling booth
30L 'Missed Call' Members of BJP Muslims
Of the 10 crore new members enrolled by the BJP through its missed call drive, over 30 lakh are Muslims. The BJP said the process of shifting through the records was still on and the numbers could see a rise. ...... the number of enrolled members belonging to the minority community could have doubled during the latest membership drive. ..... The BJP had enrolled over 10.5 crore members in its six-month long drive. The party is currently conducting Mahasampark Abhiyan in which details of each member enrolled through a missed call were being collated. The membership form has columns for social category and caste. The enrolment of Muslims could be over three percent. ....... the increase in Muslim members was seen in states where the BJP is in power.


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