Dropping Sagoon For Good

Dropping Sagoon For Good
by Paramendra Bhagat
April 22, 2015

Govinda Giri.

You had talked shit about 4 times even before our talk yesterday, starting from the very first meeting, but your use of hate speech was the final straw. It is mind boggling for me how a guy who is about 10,000% dependent on me for his company’s very survival would exhibit such bad behavior. You talked shit 3 times during the talk yesterday itself. I am also getting the impression perhaps that fucking country is not ready for Alibaba style ecommerce.

The dragging of feet on the internal homework aside, this bad behavior is not something I need to put up with. And so as of now I am dropping Sagoon. This decision on my part is final. As per the agreement, I will mail a check for 5K to Kabin Sitaula’s address within three months.

Bye. And all the best.


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