Dr. C.K.Raut Episode: Soft Landing Options

English: PM Bhattarai during a live talk show.
English: PM Bhattarai during a live talk show. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. His personal safety and health are my biggest concern. 
  2. The Supreme Court has given a small opening in a fundamentally unfair ruling. That opening is he can get medical treatment with a doctor of his choice at a hospital of his choice at his own personal expense. This opening has to be strategically utilized. Maybe we get a doctor that needs to meet him three times a week. Those will be three times a week when CK gets to communicate with the world out there. I am for some international fundraising for this effort. 
  3. The legal team has to do its utmost best. There has to be an in court strategy. But there is also a need for a robust media strategy. The unfairness and the injustice has to be called upon in specific detail each time it happens. 
  4. We have to figure out a soft landing to the fast unto death. The fast started because the police misbehaved with him in custody. Assurances have to be sought from the Home Minister that the misbehavior will not restart. And that should be a reason for the fast to end. That political action has to be taken. 
  5. The guy has a right to free speech, and a right to peaceful assembly. That is why he has to be released. 
  6. As for his stated goal of Madhesh as a separate country, it was conditional. As in, if the discrimination against Madhesis inside Nepal does not stop, it will be time to create a separate country. I can not argue against that. 
  7. But right now the fight is to eliminate that discrimination inside Nepal and to create a democratic, non-violent path to separation should the need arise. And there people like Baburam Bhattarai will have to put their money where their mouth is. Baburam has to come out saying he also believes in the right to self determination, that he has believed that for a long time, like years, like decades. 
  8. The Madhesi parties are also going to have to come along. You have to say you believe in the right to self determination. That does not mean you believe in the idea of a separate country. If you don't believe in Madhesh as a separate country, then you don't. And right now I don't think any Madhesi party does. 
  9. As long as we can ensure CK's safety and health, as long we can ensure his release from custody, as long as we can make sure the right to self determination becomes an integral part of the new constitution, that is all there is. If we can accomplish all these goals without organizing Madhesi Kranti (3), so much the better. 
  10. Let's coordinate well. Let's strategize well. Let's do the necessary political, legal and oraganizational work. 


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