India Should Call A Delhi Summit And Actively Mediate

The situation now on the ground is, in ways, more dire than it was when India felt the need to broker the 12 point agreement between the Maoists and the seven parties back in 2005. India should say enough is enough and call the party presidents of the three big parties and the party presidents of the four Madhesi parties to Delhi and actively mediate. It would be crossing the line to take this political paralysis into the Dashain season.

One would think it would be impossible to ignore the earthquake victims. Well, the Nepali politicians have done it. One would think it would be impossible to not use the four billion dollars pledged by the international community for the earthquake victims. The Nepali politicians have done the unthinkable: they have done it. The four billion dollars have gone untouched. Don't count on the same Nepali politicians to resolve the current political crisis. Modi must be scratching his head as to why Nepal's Prime Minister has not even touched the billion dollar loan Modi gave Nepal, like it were an untouchable to his Bahun heart.

Nepali politicians will surprise you. The normal laws of physics, or democratic/electoral politics, don't seem to apply in Nepal. The laws of political demand and supply stop at the Nepal India border. Nepal is like a black hole. The Nepal India border in an event horizon, a political one. It is possible for people in power to absolutely, totally ignore the people they claim to rule. The rulers occupy an altogether different realm.

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