Jaffnaization Of Madhesh Is Not Possible, Technically Speaking

Jaffnaization Of Madhesh Is Not Possible, Technically Speaking

  • Madhesis are not immigrants. We did not come to work on your tea plantations. It is the Khas who are all immigrants, some from six years ago, some from 600 years ago, but immigrants all. The Madhesis and the Janajatis are the natives. And together they make up two thirds of the population. You simply don't have the arithmetic. 
  • For the first time the Madhesi-Janajati have come together. 
  • Nepal is not an island. It is not even land locked. It is an India locked country. 
  • Bihar and Uttar Pradesh will not stand still if there is even the remotest hint Jaffnaization is being attempted. Kathmandu will go hungry. 
  • The worst case scenario are ethnic Pahadi-Madhesi riots across the plains. And that is bad enough. It would be purely unnecessary. That the Madhesis will not be the losing party in Madhesh is a moot point. Riots are wrong, pure and simple. But the Chari-Ghainte government is doing everything possible to bring them about. They want to fan the flames because they think that will prolong their stay in power. Wrong! Start counting your days. 
  • A more likely scenario is a people's movement like in April 2006 that also enfulfs Kathmandu and boots the Chari-Ghainte coalition government out of power. A new Madhesi-Janajati interim government comes into power and orders elections to a new constituent assembly, and this time the Nepal Army is ordered not to interfere. This is not Pakistan. You will stay in your barracks. 


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