Education In The Terai

A percent sign.
A percent sign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
World-class schools for districts trailing in education
Five tarai districts with the worst indicators for education have been selected for establishing highly sophisticated residential schools. ...... The Ministry of Education (MoE) has selected Kailai, Banke, Kapilvastu, Rautahat and Siraha districts, one from each of the five development regions, for establishing residential schools along the model of Buddhanilkantha School in Kathmandu .......... The out-of-school rate in the tarai among the 5 to 16 years age group is 31 percent, rather worse than the national average of 25 percent. Likewise, the out-of-school rate for girls of the same age group in the region is the worse of all at 33 percent. The rate for boys is 28.8 percent ........ 30 percent reported that their parents did not want to send them to school, while 25.5 percent said they had to work at home. ...... Some 17.2 percent had simply expressed their unwillingness to attend school whereas for another 7.3 percent schooling was too expensive. Disability barred another 3.4 percent. ........ as many as 189,000 children between 5 and 15 years are out of school in eight districts of the central tarai. ...... working on the design and capacity of the proposed schools with a view to begin construction within this fiscal year.


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