संसद अथवा प्रदेश सभा भंग गर्ने राखनै हुँदैन

संसद अथवा प्रदेश सभा भंग गर्ने राखनै हुँदैन। बरु नियमित निर्वाचन गर्ने र निर्वाचन को मिति तोक्ने जिम्मा निर्वाचन आयोग लाई दिनुपर्छ। राजनीतिक स्थिरता का लागि प्रत्यक्ष निर्वाचित प्रधान मंत्री मात्र ले पुग्दैन। केन्द्र र प्रदेश को संसद भंग गर्नै नपाउने व्यवस्था चाहिन्छ।

नागरिक समाजको संविधानमा २४ बुँदे सुझाव
नागरिक अगुवाहरु डा. सुन्दरमणी दिक्षित, डा. केदारनरसिंह केसी, अधिकारकर्मी चरण प्रसाई, दिनेश त्रिपाठी, विरेन्द्र थपलिया लगायतका नागरिक अगुवा,कविन्द्र राज शर्मा, मधेसी नागरिक समाजका संयोजक गणेश मण्डल ....... सार्वजनिक सुझावमा प्रस्तावमा सशस्त्र संघर्षलाई सस्थागत गर्न खोजेकोले त्यसलाई हटाउनु पर्ने, समाजबाद राजनीतिक विचार भएकोले यसको आधार निर्माण गर्ने प्रतिवद्धताले भोली संकट ल्याउन सक्ने भएकोले त्यसलाई स्पष्ट पार्नु पर्ने, नागरिक समाजको योगदानलाई प्रस्तावनमा स्मरण गर्नु पर्ने, नागरिकतामा आमा वा बुबा भन्ने ब्यवस्था गर्नुपर्ने, विचार र अभिब्यक्तिको एवम प्रेस स्वतन्त्रतामा बन्देज लगाउने ब्यवस्था हटाउनुपर्ने र

सबैलाई आरक्ष गर्नु नहुने

कुरा उल्लेख छ । ...... त्यसैगरी समाजिक हकलाई कानूनको मातहत राख्न नहुने, धारा ५२ (ग)को अनिवार्य सेवाको ब्यवस्था हटाउनु पर्ने, धारा ७० (१)को माफी सम्बन्धी प्रावधान हटाउनु पर्ने, न्यायधिसहरुको संसदीय सुनवाई हटाउनु पर्ने, न्यापरिषदमा न्याधिसहरुको बहुमत राख्नु पर्ने, महाअभियोग विना न्यायधिस हटाउन सकिने ब्यवस्था हटाउनुपर्ने, कानूनको संबैधानिक परिक्षण गर्ने अधिकार संबैधानिक अदालतलाई हनुपर्ने, अदालत र संबैधानिक निकायका पदाधिधारीहरुको पुर्ननियूक्ति गर्नु पर्ने लगायतका छन । ......... दिनेश त्रिपाठीले फाष्ट ट्रयाकको नाममा जनताको अभिमत मार्न नपाईने बताए । उनले जनताको सुझावलाई समेटनु पर्ने भन्दै

यो मस्यौदा लोकतन्त्र र शक्ति पृथकीकरणमा आधारित नभएको

दावी गरे । उनले

बन्दुको छायामाथि संविधान लेख्न खोजिएको

दावी गर्दै शसस्त्र शब्दले संघर्षलाई बढावा दिने आशंका ब्यक्त गरे । ...... नसच्याई ल्याए त्यसले मुलुकमा द्धन्द ल्याउने ..... डा. सुन्दरमणी दिक्षीतले मस्यौदा संविधानको १० प्रतिसत पनि नभएको भन्दै यसको आधारमा संविधान बनाउछु भन्नु गलत भएको दावी गरे । उनले यही रुपमा जनताले संविधान नस्विकार्ने भन्दै सबैको भावना समेटेर संविधान जारी गर्नु पर्ने धारणा राखे । नभए मुलुक विखण्डन तिर जाने चेतावनी दिए ।

Nepal's marginalised group protest crackdown
Despite constituting one-third of Nepal’s population, many Madhesis remain stateless ....... protests seeking repairs to crumbling infrastructure have been met with a forceful response by Nepali police and paramilitaries. ..... Despite constituting one-third of Nepal's population, many Madhesis remain stateless and are also under-represented in the bureaucracy, judiciary, and police. Official statistics show Madhesis comprise a mere 1.5 percent of Nepal's army ....... The Postal Road traverses the length of the country from east to west as it runs through the villages of the area known as Madhes ...... But travellers using this road - Nepal's oldest highway - cannot fail to spot its neglected condition and the closer one gets to the Indian border, the more decrepit the infrastructure becomes. ........ To the north, however, another road built in the 1960s and also stretching from east to west along the foothills where the great Indo-Gangetic plain ends and the mountain range bordering China begins, offers a stark contrast.......... Built with Indian support, this road avoids Madhesi population centres, and the towns that have sprung along it are mostly inhabited by the settlers from the hills who speak the country's official language, Nepali. ...... "Just look at Pahadi places like Nijgadh, all the roads are paved there down to every person's front yard," Kushwaha said. "The government isn't interested in developing border areas because only Madhesis live there." ...... "The hill people are furious with CK Raut's agenda but do not care about his welfare," said Tula Narayan Shah, who runs a research organisation focused on Madhes. ...... "On the other hand, the Madhesis care about CK Raut's welfare, but are nonchalant about his agenda." ...... Raut's appeal derives in part from his impressive academic record as a engineering scholar who gained a PhD at Cambridge University and then worked in Boston. ........ Since returning to Nepal three years ago, he has travelled extensively in the country, published an autobiography detailing discrimination against Madhesis, and compiled a history of the region........ Many local people say Raut has made sacrifices - unlike the current crop of Madhesi politicians - and his imprisonment has further endeared him to those with grievances against Kathmandu......... "We only support CK Raut and Matrika Yadav," said Kushwaha, referring to a former minister in the Maoist government who leads a fringe party and is reputed to be a "clean" politician. ...... A few days after the Simraungadh shooting, the Maoist leader Prachanda told a rally that Madhesis are the "true defenders of the border, unlike the rich politicians in Kathmandu with family ties to the Indian elites". ...... Kathmandu has always considered Madhesis outsiders, ever since it annexed the region 200 years ago.


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