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What happened in Gaur should never have happened. And it should not be allowed to repeat. And a thorough investigation has to be conducted. And the guilty have to be brought to book.

There is some speculation criminal gangs were involved. There is talk criminal gangs have been active in those parts of the country for a long time now, that all political parties have worked hand in glove with them, Bihari style. Such a revelation would be a good thing.

There are a few possibilities.

(1) The Maoist and the MPRF cadres clashed, and the violence was not preplanned. It was impromptu. It happened on the flash. People in the leadership could not have known.

(2) The JTMM-Jwala, JTMM-Goit, Terai Cobra, Madhesi Tigers were the ones. They acted independently, and foresaw an opportunity in the impending clash, and they cashed on it.

(3) Indian criminals were hired by royalists to make hay of the situation.

(4) Organized criminal gangs on both sides of the border worked in collusion and independent of any political organization.

(5) Local criminal gangs who were used to having their say locally went overboard and did not realize that.

(6) Crime rules in Gaur. Crime has ruled in Gaur. The uncertainty of the political transition period means the criminal elements have had much more room to play. This was the underworld's way of making its presence felt upon the local people. You kill a few, you scare many for a long, long time.

(7) Maoists refusing to act like a political party, and instead acting like a parallel state that engages in extortions and abductions has led to a climate in the country where similar acts performed by criminal elements, organized and petty, do not even make the news. They have become backgrouns noise. Those criminals came home to roost in Gaur.

All these scenarios look bad, some more so than others. But the Nepali people have a right to know what happened. The local people know, and they are willing to talk. The government has to listen.

Law and order is a fundamental responsibility of the state.

It is extremely irresponsible when a political party acts like it were a criminal gang.

It is extremely irresponsible and wrong when criminal gangs can buy off the local police and the local politicians. The state has to belong to its people.

Gaur is a symptom of a much larger underlying problem that grips the country. The law and order situation is not good at all.

Dealing With Organized Crime

Petty criminals are one thing. But organized crime is a whole different ball game. When Bobby Kennedy became Attorney General in the US, organized crime was not even recognized, although everyone knew it existed. He changed all that.

How do you tackle organized crime? You use the petty criminals. When you catch them, you don't totally focus on punishing them. Instead you use them as a way to get the big dogs. You offer leniency and possible freedom and witness protection to the petty criminals if they will help you get to the big dogs.

Cross border cooperation is also essential. And it is important to make sure there is no nexus between the criminal bosses and the political bosses. Such political bosses have to be punished just like they were criminal bosses, because that is what they are.

Maoists engaging in extortions and abductions are nothing more than criminals and they must be treated just the same.

Elections In June Will Help

The country has been in a political limbo. Elections will alleviate the uncertainty. A stronger, more legitimate govenment will be born out of an election. That government can do a better job of law and order.

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Nepalese Americas Council
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March 25, 2007

For immediate release Dr. Ambika Adhikari:
Mr. Mukesh Singh:
Mr. Sagar Onta:

The Nepalese Americas Council (NAC) is deeply saddened by the Gaur tragedy in Nepal on March 21, 2007 where more than 29 people were killed and many more injured. NAC expresses is deepest condolences to the families of the victims and prays for the peace of the departed souls.

NAC expresses its strong condemnation for these heinous acts of violence. On behalf of all its member organizations, NAC notes with grave concern the continuing violence and loss of lives and properties in Nepal. NAC calls for an immediate and impartial investigation into the Gaur incident and to bring the perpetrators to face the full force of law.

NAC believes it is the primary responsibility of the government to promote democratic practices, protect human lives, preserve human rights, and provide security to every one, including the women, Madhesis, Dalits and Janjatis, so that they can fully exercise their democratic rights. In turn, all citizens have the responsibility to refrain from violence and respect the rule of law. NAC urges Nepal Government to remain vigilant in providing security to all its citizens, in particular, to those who are more vulnerable.

NAC appeals to all the agitating parties to fully commit to democratic ideals and process by completely renouncing violence and embracing peaceful means to advance their political agenda. While strongly supporting the ongoing peace process and the legitimate demands of all the under-represented groups including the Madhesis and Janjatis, NAC implores all the political groups including the CPM (M) and MPRF to join in negotiations with the government to reach a national consensus on critical issues like the future structure of the state, measures to address the demands of marginalized groups, and ways to hold the Constituent Assembly elections on time. NAC calls upon the Nepali Diaspora and Nepal’s friends and well wishers to support the peace process and to denounce any form of violence and injustice.

Dr. Ambika Prasad Adhikari
President, NAC
Phoenix, AZ, USA

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