The President, The Prime Minister

The President's roadmap

There are three branches to the government and Ram Baran Yadav is not leading any of them. One of the branches has gone missing. The country is running on an interim constitution.

The president has been sending signals to parties like the NC and the UML that he might do something. Many NC folks fantasize the president might simply get rid of the Prime Minister. That happens not to be a constitutional option. That is not happening.

The best thing the president can do is let the political process take its due course. By now all parties are in mind to go for an election to a new assembly. It is ridiculous for the NC or the UML to suggest they should be leading any consensus government. They are too small as parties to be making such a claim. They are going to be even smaller after the election. But I digress.

The NC and the UML could join the current government or they should let the current government as is hold elections. What other option is there? Considering Baburam Bhattarai is not opposed to inducting NC and UML members into his cabinet, the fact that that is not happening should tell the president the current government is the one that is going to conduct elections. And he should cooperate.

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Prez warned not to cross the line
UCPN (Maoist), UDMF discuss budget
Adhikari signals UML readiness for UCPN-M-led consensus govt
CPN-UML standing committee member Bharat Mohan Adhikari has said on Wednesday that his party would accept the leadership of UCPN-Maoist led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal , if they got an opportunity to lead the next consensus government.
Road to becoming a millionaire was not an easy one
Though we originated from Nepal, we are foreign citizens. Investment from NRNs is definitely going to encourage other international investors to come here and invest. I am optimistic that international investors will view this step taken by an NRN as an indicator of improving situation of investment climate in Nepal...... Foreign investors worry about how to take back dividend to their home countries. They look for an easy bureaucratic process and seek commitment from the government on taking back investment and returns anytime they want. But for NRNs, that might not be a problem. We don´t worry too much about taking the investment and dividend back to the country where we are residing. So there is a difference between other foreign investors and NRNs. ....... we are negotiating with chains such as Paris Hilton, Marriott, and Sheraton, among others ..... NRNs are the only people who can bring investment into the country at the moment .... You should not be afraid of taking risks
Obama, Romney race to finish line neck-and-neck
"I have given my voice in the service of my president," a hoarse Clinton said on the latest of more than two dozen campaign events for Obama, before 24,000 people on a chill night in the battleground state of Virginia. ..... In the latest show of good news for the president, he led Romney by five points in Iowa in a poll by the respected Des Moines Register newspaper, and also appears well placed in Nevada and Ohio -- in the trio of "firewall" states that could hand him re-election.
India's Congress party holds massive rally
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