Mahantha Thakur For PM

The Maoists will not agree to any NC or UML person. The NC and the UML will not agree to any Maoist name. But none of those three parties have said they will not agree to the Mahantha Thakur name. Perhaps efforts should be made to get all parties to coalesce around the Mahantha Thakur name.
Prez to extend deadline if parties fail to forge consensus
Five days on, consensus on new prime ministerial candidate remains elusive as ruling parties have rejected to give government leadership to both Nepali Congress and CPN-UML, the two main opposition parties. The ruling UCPN (Maoist) has announced that they were ready to offer alternative candidate from within the ruling alliance if there was no consensus on Baburam Bhattarai, but not ready to give away leadership to the opposition parties.
UML rejects Maoists leading new govt

Nepal has 26m plus people
Koirala lobbies for PM post, Poudel dismayed
Prez can't exercise executive power on his own: PM
Delineation of election constituencies is not a big deal: EC
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