Dahal's Capitulation Is Wrong

UCPN (M) proposes oppn parties to name PM candidate
In the meeting of the major four political forces held on Friday as part of their attempts to seek possible way out of the current political impasse, the Maoist chairaman Pushpa Kamal Dahal proposed to name the PM candidate after the leaders of Nepali Congress and CPN-UML refused former's proposal to convert existing government into national consensus government, according to UML leader Bhim Rawal
This is ridiculous.

Prachanda has to stop pretending that there is going to be a "friendly" election. When the elections are held in April there will be a major ideological tussle between the pro federalism forces and the anti federalism forces. The pro federalism forces have to win a two thirds majority. That is the work cut out before Prachanda as the leader of the Federal Republican Alliance. That alliance has to forge an electoral alliance with the smaller alliance that Upendra Yadav has managed to forge together to bring forth an alliance of alliances. That joint alliance should be able to garner a two thirds majority in the next assembly that is needed to give Nepal genuine federalism.

The NC and the UML are welcome to join the current government. If not, the current government has to move ahead full speed. The Prime Minister has to confront the president and remind him he is not an executive president. The Ram Baran Yadav drama has gone too far. It is not his job to try to bring the political parties together. That is the Prime Minister's job to try.

Consensus is a Panchayati concept. It sickens me to see Prachanda acting like unless the NC and the UML agree nothing can happen in the country. Those are the two parties that need to be soundly defeated at the polls and Prachanda as leader of the Federal Republican Alliance has to start acting like it.

If the NC and UML choose to go for street demonstrations and mass meetings, the ruling coalition has to go for street demonstrations and mass meetings. Violence is not an option, but street action and mass actions are options.

Ram Baran Yadav's activism has to stop. The budget has to be brought through an ordinance. Election related ordinances have to be brought forth. Let the NC and the UML go to the people in April. Those are the two parties that did not let two thirds of the members of the last assembly give Nepal the federal constitution it deserves.

Talks falter over govt leadership
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