Modi Has Been A Blessing For Nepal

English: Image of Narendra Modi at the World E...
English: Image of Narendra Modi at the World Economic Forum in India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
India's $3-billion investment might be gamechanger for Nepal
Within just six months at the helm, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi injected over $3 billion of investments into Nepal, a possible gamechanger in Nepal-India relations that may entirely change the economic landscape of the Himalayan nation. ...... Nepal's economy, the size of which is a mere $62.384 billion ........ This has also rekindled hopes that the much touted and ambitious Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project, which was initially signed some 17 years ago between Nepal and India, is all set to take off. ...... The 6,720-MW project will cost over $6 billion and the two sides are ready to set up the Pancheshwar Development Authority within a couple of months. ........... Nepal and India have been discussing building the Upper Karnali project for 30 years and Arun III for six years. ...... "It is only possible due to the charismatic leadership of Modi," Chirinjivi Nepal, economic advisor to Nepal Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, told IANS. ..... the question was whether the hardcore anti-India nationalism prevailing in some political classes in Nepal would let these projects go ahead because the hardliner Maoist faction has been upping the ante against the Upper Karnali and Arun III.


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