NC, UML Being Unreasonable

NC, UML Being Unreasonable

Consensus is not what the NC and the UML want. Those are only two parties. Consensus necessarily has to include the views of the largest party and, more importantly, the largest alliance. I feel the ruling alliance has exhibited utmost flexibility, and it might now be time to bring about a steep polarization.

Decentralization Versus Federalism

What the Nepali Congress and the UML Bahuns are for is called decentralization. King Birendra was also for decentralization. Federalism is something different.

The Unthinkable

I never imagined the Constituent Assembly would need more than its allotted two years. I never imagined the Constituent Assembly would go down after four years without having given the country a constitution. And now I fear January 9 will come and go just like that. The NC and the UML will have created a scenario whereby Baburam Bhattarai gets to be PM for far longer than even I want, and I happen to support the guy.

No independent candidate for PM, say NC, UML
The two major opposition parties, at a two-party meeting held at the NC party office at Sanepa ...... "There is no point changing our decision because Sushil Koirala is not only our party´s unanimous candidate but also the unopposed leader in the opposition alliance," Upadhayay told Republica. "Also, he [Koirala] has support from leaders of some other political parties as well, including Upendra Yadav." .... NC General Secretary Krishna Prasad Sitaula said they decided to further intensify bilateral as well as multilateral talks in the next couple of days.
Everything was settled but PM refused to go
the CA’s dissolution on May 27 and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai’s unilateral announcement of new CA polls. The proposal for new CA polls should at least have been discussed with Nepali Congress and CPN-UML. Since, there is a fear among opposition forces that the ruling coalition wants to capture the whole state power. Bhattarai announced new polls knowing fully well CA polls was no ordinary election and they could only be held through broad political consensus. ...... there was an understanding between all parties that new polls should be held by April/May. There were agreements on 240 electoral constituencies and reduction in PR seats. The opposition parties had proposed that Bhattarai government should clear constitutional hurdles on the basis of agreement among parties. ..... The ruling coalition believes there will be no CA polls under Nepali Congress leadership. ...... more than who will win the next CA polls, NC is more worried about if there will be any election at all. Let us not forget, nearly five years have elapsed since the last polls. If there is no election now, democracy will be under threat. It is the historical duty of Congress to safeguard democracy. ..... post-split, the Maoists must know their electoral prospects are dim. They must also feel that since it was UCPN (Maoist) leadership which announced CA polls, elections should be held under the same party. I don’t think Baburam Bhattarai is serious when he accuses Congress of not wanting to hold elections. ..... If there is no broad-based agreement by January 9, the chances of CA polls by May will be significantly reduced. .... I don’t want to comment on the Madhesi parties beyond saying that they want to prolong their tenure in government. ..... If there is third-person leadership, the state of chaos witnessed in Nepal between 1950 and 1955 will be repeated. At a time a government led by the biggest party in the country has failed to hold election, how can a neutral candidate, without any public mandate, succeed? That will only complicate the situation. ..... all issues have already been settled. The only hindrance to a breakthrough at this point in time is the refusal of Baburam Bhattarai to make way. You see, there are no differences on the minimal agreement needed for May polls. This includes removing constitutional hurdles, adequately staffing the Election Commission, declaration of electoral day and establishment of consensus government to achieve these goals. ...... The interim constitution clearly provisions for a constitution of a federal, democratic republic. The new CA cannot override this principle. The current practice of accusing someone of being anti-federalist, I believe, is a part of electoral politics. No party at present is anti-federalist. ..... both had accepted the proposal that the current government would clear the legal and constitutional hurdles, after which it would make way for NC-led government .... in today’s context, I believe Baburam Bhattarai has become addicted to power.
General's brief
his alleged deal with the Maoist Prime Minister could potentially have a lasting impact on his tenure. There were sensational news reports that he had agreed to confer a colonel position to one of the absorbed Maoist combatants and a few other lieutenant colonels in return for a three star position. .... Not only the ministry, but it has also greatly perturbed opposition parties. ..... What NA lacks is a retention policy. The best and brightest within the organization are falling off the ladder. The absence of a merit-based promotion system, compounded by lack of incentives and meager pay-scale has compelled many capable officers to look for alternatives. Retaining talent is a major headache for the institution. ..... Despite fielding competent Generals like Nepal Bhusan Chand and Pawan Pande, UN has not awarded any senior position to the NA for quite some time, which is unsettling. ....... The decision to render an officer’s earnings at par with a normal soldier’s while engaged in peace keeping duties needs to be reevaluated. .... And then, there is General Rana’s Facebook page and his vision statement that explicitly avow that NA should engage in nation building. ..... Nepal has hardly added any noticeable wattage to the national grid in the last decade
Opposition ignores PM’s ‘third alternative’
The opposition has categorically dismissed Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai’s idea that the next PM should be an independent candidate. A meeting between the NC and UML on Wednesday evening decided so they would seek no alternatives to Sushil Koirala as the next PM.
Bhattarai's four pillars, Kantipur
PM Bhattarai shows no signs of discomfort and is on a confrontation course with the president, calling his statement unconstitutional ..... Bamdev Gautam says Bhattarai told him: "I have the goodwill of our southern neighbour, the Madhesi faction supports my stance, the army trusts me, and my party's earlier decisions are in my favour. Why should I quit?" ..... the Madhesi Morcha's support is the main basis for Bhattarai's staying power in government. .... PM Bhattarai also has a good relationship with COAS Gaurav Samsher Rana. ..... Rana is understood to have told President Yadav that the army's control lay with the government. ..... Political analyst Jhalak Subedi says: "No matter how grave the situation becomes, the president cannot remove Bhattarai. It would be unconstitutional to do so, and Bhattarai is staying on only because of that technical reason."
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