The President Must Pass Election Related Ordinances

President Ram Baran Yadav must pass the election related ordinances that was passed on to him by the Baburam led cabinet months ago. That is his constitutional duty. One caretaker government can not be replaced by another caretaker government. It has to be replaced by an elected government. Allowing a caretaker government in power for longer than one year is wrong. Normally, in a democracy, a caretaker government sticks around for six months maximum. But that time frame was breached by the president himself. He refused to pass the election related ordinances. He can not do that.

Reviving the constituent assembly is a problematic proposition. And the Nepali Congress has rejected every single reasonable proposal put forth by Baburam.

Instead of giving deadlines to political parties Ram Baran Yadav should give a deadline to himself and pass the election related ordinances.

Polls far-off for Dahal, seeks CA rebirth
If in case Dahal fails to sell his CA revival agenda to other parties again, the Maoist party is in favour of holding elections in November next year as against the proposed April-May time. ..... The party has already termed the NC a ‘status quoist force’ and a ‘hindrance’ to its ‘revolutionary ideals’. Maoist leaders have said preparations for both the polls and the party’s convention cannot go on simultaneously. According to sources, the party is ‘not sure’ of the election results after it vertically split in June. .... the party prefers local elections before CA or parliamentary polls
Set election date: Koirala
Consensus a distant dream
The parties shied away from holding any formal or informal talks within the five-day deadline which expired on Saturday. Top leaders of major parties remained busy in their intra-party affairs. .... They seemed ready to postpone the planned April-May election to November but not ready to sacrifice their agenda. ..... The PM and SLMM remain adamant that the NC and the UML should join the current government at least for some period to make their exit dignified. Dahal also recently urged the opposition to join the government even for a single day to ensure his deputy’s dignified exit, only to be rejected outright. Lately, Federal Democratic Republican Alliance, a network of ruling parties, has come up with a new proposal—to raise the agenda of CA revival if consensus is not possible by January 9. The opposition parties have said that a CA revival option is “date expired pills for country’s ills”. .... They have also rejected ruling coalition’s proposal to form a neutral government led by independent people.
Time to step down
PM Bhattarai, who has been insisting that NC join his government before he steps down, needs to promise NC that he will do so within a very short time -- not months but days -- once NC joins the national unity government..... NC joining PM Bhattarai's government, if only for a brief period, will give much-needed assurance that the two major political forces can still work together, without which it's heard see Nepal getting a new constitution.
TIA Migrant Robbery: From a gullible girl to betrayed Sita
Brimming with joy at returning home, Sita landed at the Tribhuvan International Airport on November 19. This was where her troubles would resurface. Stopped at immigration by an official who asked her name, Sita unwittingly gave her real name. Discovering the inconsistency between her name and the passport she was carrying, the official took her into custody. She spent the next day at the immigration office in Kalikasthan. ..... There, Sita was approached by another immigration official, Somnath Khanal, who presented her with another offer: the money she had brought over would be confiscated and she could go free. “He [Khanal] made me sign a blank piece of paper and told me I could go,” she says. “It is not for us, it is for the government,” Khanal told her. ..... Sita never saw her pay, the 8500 riyal (Rs 218,000), again. Taking advantage of the distraught and vulnerable Sita, a police constable, Parsuram Basnet, volunteered to buy her a bus ticket to her village. Despite misgivings, Sita accepted. ..... “He took me to the New Buspark but when we reached there he said that the bus had already left and I would have to take one the next day,” she says. Basnet put her up in a lodge by the buspark and left, saying he would return shortly. When he came back drunk and belligerent, he pounced on her and she screamed. With a hand over her mouth, Basnet threatened to kill her and dispose of her body. Then, he proceeded to rape her. A medical report says she is pregnant. ..... Sita doesn’t remember much of that night. The few riyals that Sita had hidden away in the nooks and crannies of her purse had disappeared overnight. So had the gifts she was taking for her family—the clothes, the watches, all vanished. “I have done so much for you. Do not forget me,” said Basnet before handing her Rs 1,000 for her busfare. “Come and see me again.” However, things, especially the matter of her rape, would have to stay between them. “If you talk to anyone about this, I will kill you,” he said simply.
प्रधानमन्त्रीको राष्ट्रपतिप्रति असन्तुष्टि
बाल मन्दिरमै बलात्कार ?
कांग्रेसलाई सत्ता छाड्दै छाड्दिन : प्रधानमन्त्री
प्रधानमन्त्री बाबुराम भट्टराईले कांग्रेस यथास्थितिवादी शक्ति भएको दावी गर्दै 'अग्रगामी पार्टी वा व्यक्ति' लाई मात्र चुनावी सरकार सुम्पने जिकीर गरेका छन् । चुनाव गराउनु नै आफ्नो एक मात्र अभियान भएको पनि उनले बताएका छन् । त्यसका लागि ढिलोमा जेठ पहिलो साता निर्वाचन हुने ग प्याकेज सहमति भए सरकार छाड्ने जनाएका छन् । .... 'कांग्रेसका कारण संविधानसभा बिघटन भएको हो । उसले सरकार लिए कुनै पनि हालतमा निर्वाचन गराउँदैन' निकटस्थ केहीलाई प्रधानमन्त्रीले आइतबार व्यक्त गरेको धरणा उद्धृत गर्दै स्रोतले भन्यो, 'मेरो एक मात्र मिसन निर्वाचन हो । अग्रगामी शक्तिले मात्र निर्वाचन गराउन सक्ने भएकाले उसैलाई मात्र सरकार सुम्पन तयार छु ।' ..... 'म निर्वाचनकै पक्षमा हो । मैले संविधानसभा पुनःस्थापना गरेर हुदैन भन्दै आएको छु' उनको भनाइ थियो, 'हाम्रो जोड निर्वाचनमै हो ।' .... कांग्रेस सभापति सुशील कोइरालाको नेतृत्वमा सरकार बन्ने संभावना क्षीण हुदै गएकाले राजनीतिक दलको सक्रियतामा स्वतन्त्र ब्यक्तिलाई प्रधानमन्त्रीको रुपमा अघि सारेर भए पनि निर्वाचन गराउनु पर्नेमा समेत उले जोड दिएको स्राेतले जनायो । ..... कांग्रेसले सरकारको नेतृत्व लिए निर्वाचन नगराउने र प्राप्त उपलब्धी पनि संस्थागत नहुने भएकाले उसको सरकार स्वीकार्न नसकिने भट्टराईको बुझाई छ । 'हाम्रो विस्तारित बैठकले कांग्रेसका कारण संविधानसभा बिघटन भएको निश्कर्ष निकालेको थियो' उनले आरोप लगाए, 'उसले सरकारको नेतृत्व लिए निर्वाचन गराउदैन, सरकार मात्र टिकाउने काम गर्छ ।' ..... यसबीचमा भट्टराईले नागरिक समाजका नेता देबन्द्रराज पाण्डेलगायतसंग पनि छलफल गरेका छन् । आफ्नो कारणले निर्वाचन नभएको भनाइप्रति आक्रोश ब्यक्त गर्दै भट्टराईले राष्ट्रपतिले निर्वाचन प्रक्रियालगायत बिषयका अध्यादेश रोकेदेखि नै अप्ठ्यारो पर्दै आएको बताए । 'सरकारले निर्वाचन गराउन राष्ट्रपति समक्ष पठाएका अध्यादेश रोकेपछि म कस बाधक भए ?' उनी भन्छन्, 'अहिले आएर मलाई पो सबै प्रक्रियाको बाधक भनिंदैछ ।'
राष्ट्रपतिले अन्तिम कदम चाल्नुपर्छ : कोइराला
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