Who Should Lead A Unified Madhesi Party

I am not a huge fan of Gachhedar at all. The guy walks in a Kathmandu parade with a mafia don. That is hugely problematic. But he seems to have the numbers for now. And he symbolically does represent the largest ethnic group in the Terai: the Tharus. Yadavs are number two. Going by the current numbers Gachhedar seems to beat Yadav. But, forget Yadav, not even the MJF(D) and TMLP have taken concrete steps towards unification. And the SP has not taken concrete steps either. So far the three have suggested they'd rather be an alliance than a unified party. If they can forge an electoral alliance and not compete against each other, that can also be a positive move.

Chairperson: Mahantha Thakur
President: Bijay Gachhadar
Vice President: Upendra Yadav
Vice President: Rajendra Mahato
Vice President: Sharad Singh Bhandari

But the whole debate is kind of moot. Because the presidency of the party should be decided through a general convention, not through living room negotiations. A unified Madhesi party stands to reap rich dividends electorally. Let Bijay Gachhadar and Upendra Yadav compete and let there be a vote.

Would you rather be the president of a party with 20 MPs or the Vice President of a party with 50 MPs? That is the question.

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10 States

Gachhedar (41)
MJF(D) ---- 13
MJF(R) ---- 12
TMLP ------ 11
SP -------- 5

In power, but not part of UDMF (14)
TMLP(N) --- 10
SSP ------- 4

Yadav (27)
MJFN ------ 14
NMSP ------ 13
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