Madhesh Has No Choice But To Disallow The Elections

There has been no revision to the state boundaries. The Terai still has not been allocated half the seats in the lower and the upper houses. The flagrant disrespect to the Madhesi marriages across the border into India is fully intact. The millions of stateless Madhesis are not only still stateless but there are designs to snatch away citizenship papers from those that have them. Nepali has been designated the only language for government work, Mahendra style. The affirmative action clause still gives preference to the ruling elite of Bahuns. A more blatant travesty of a people's movement can not be imagined.

The 2006 April movement was the biggest democracy movement in Nepal's history. Madhesh has organized three major movements of that magnitude for federalism and inclusion with zero effects.

Now is not the time to give up. To allow elections would be to allow this constitution that turns the Madhesh into a permanent internal colony to come into full effect. That is not an option the Madhesh has.

Gyanendra also played the local election card in early 2006. Oli is walking in those same footsteps. And will meet the same fate.  

Only by now the fight is not just for federalism but also against fascism. Madhesh independence has always been on the table. With equality Madhesh will stay in a federal Nepal. Without equality Madhesh will not hesitate to march to independence.


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