Why The Brahmins Need To Vacate Power In Kathmandu

Hereditary Brahminism is Satan worship. Because hereditary Brahminism is the idea that these dudes are going to stand between God and the people. These are Satan's agents on earth. And the corruption is total. In Nepal much of the government budget stays unspent until the final few weeks of the year and then, poof, it's gone. The same formula is applied to foreign aid. Donor agents talk about the incompetence and the inefficiency but can't see the utter efficiency and competence of the corruption machine. It is a fine art.

The Brahmins already had every branch of government except the king's throne. So they orchestrated a people's movement to get rid of the non Brahmin king. Now they also occupy the throne.

The Brahmins own the bureaucracy, the judiciary, the legislative branch by owning all the major political parties. The Brahmins own the media, the NGOs. The Brahmins dominate the private sector and the parts they don't dominate, they milk it.

And of course there is the Brahmin electorate. After all, Nepal is a democracy. This priestly class is not exactly Hindu. These are Vedics, the Sanatanis, followers of the original, eternal religion. There has not been a better example of spiritual corruption in world history. The corrupt priests of Jesus' time have nothing on these Brahmins.

It is hereditary. If you are not born a Brahmin, tough. They claim the Vedas contain all knowledge that humanity will ever need and more knowledge than any university, ancient or modern, has ever had. But if you are not a Brahmin you can't read the books. And these Brahmins themselves don't read and understand them either.

Most of the Vedas is simply rituals. There is a ritual for everything. Brahmins recite them mindlessly and ask for fees.

The people of Nepal will not see democracy, federalism and prosperity unless they wipe out Hereditary Brahminism. There is nothing to reform. You come to the one true Living God.

Under hereditary Brahminism the body, mind, heart and soul are completely out of alignment. You have a country and society going round and round in circles. Forward progress is not being made.

There are concrete implications to not knowing the one true Living God. You see them every day all over Nepal. The corruption is total and it is unrelenting and it will stay that way until Hereditary Brahminism is completely demolished, utterly uprooted. These are sick people, these are Satan's agents.

The non Brahmins are almost 85% of the country’s population, so obviously it is not about the numbers. You can't liberate people who are not even aware they are slaves.

Democracy is one person one vote. Right now the person does not exist in Nepal. Somebody who has not conquered death is not even a person. Somebody who has not come to realize their soul is unique in the history and future of time is not even a person. There is but one God, there always has been but one God. There is no other God but the one true Living God. That is the path to liberation and prosperity, in Nepal, in India, in China, in the Arab countries, in Pakistan.  

Ancient or modern, knowledge is wonderful and should be shared widely. You should become a priest like you become a doctor or a health care worker, not by birth but by earning a degree. But such reforms are impossible. Brahmins need the Dalit to be Dalit. There is no room for reform, and so you utterly demolish.

These are ignorant, corrupt, Satanic Brahmins, standing between God and people, between people and liberty, between people and prosperity, between people and Heaven.

Kumar: Wake Up To God


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