Formula For Unification

Eastern Terai -  - HT -3
Eastern Terai - - HT -3 (Photo credit: lecercle)

  1. Come up with a new name. Do not use any existing name. Make that name ethnicity and geography neutral. Keep it short. How about Samabeshi Party? Just a thought. 
  2. The party presidency goes to Gachhedar because (a) his party was the top vote earner, and (b) Tharus are the most populous ethnic group in the Terai
  3. Mahantha Thakur gets the Sarbamanya Neta title for being the most senior leader. 
  4. Upendra Yadav, Rajendra Mahto and Sharad Singh Bhandari can be the three Vice Presidents. They also just so happen to represent Yadavs, Vaisyas, and the indigenous Pahadis in the Terai. People like Sharad Singh Bhandari are of Pahadi origin but they have been in the Terai for generations. They know no other home. 
  5. A 11 member Politburo and a 31 member Central Committee would house all top leaders. Leaders of the Terai Madhesh Sadbhavana Party, the Dalit Janajati Party, and the Nepali Janata Dal belong in the Politburo as does Sarita Giri for being the top woman Madhesi leader. 
  6. The vote tally of each party is the sole determinant of what seat they get at the table. 
  7. Hold a national convention before monsoon, perhaps in April and go on to win the local and state elections.  

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