Friday Rally

Nepali Mandir 22

Appeal! Appeal!! Appeal!!!

Rally for Full-Fledged Democracy in Nepal

Dear Nepalese Community Members and Friends of Nepal,

As you are all aware of, thousands of peaceful demonstrators have been victims of brutality perpetrated by the royal government of Nepal. Security forces have killed many demonstrators and hundreds of people are sustaining bullet injuries and many have been baton-charged and injured. Not to mention, security forces have engaged in indiscriminate beatings. Yet, more and more Nepalese people are taking to the streets, risking their lives and committed to continue the demonstration until the king's brutal regime ends and the full-fledged democracy is established.

The Nepalese community in New York would like to appeal to all of you to join a rally in front of the United Nations headquarter at given time and venue. Let's show our solidarity to the ongoing democratic movement carried out by the seven political parties and other democratic forces of Nepal. Let us also draw the attention of the international community to the human rights violation in Nepal and urge the UN and the international community to take strong actions against the king’s authoritarian and brutal regime in Nepal.

We hope all of you could make this event a top priority and thank you in advance for your time and efforts in support for the ongoing movement in Nepal and your show of solidarity to the thousands of demonstrators in Nepal.


Friday, April 14th 2006, 3:00 PM sharp


Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 47th street and 1st Avnue

New York, NY 10017 (Infront of United Nations Head Quater)

For more information please contact.

Anand Bist 917-442-7405 Mridula Koirala 917-604-6260

Dr.Tara Niraula 212-491-0378 Shailesh Shrestha 646-334-2158,

Sanjaya Parajuli 917-902-2667 Bansha Lal Tamang 917-519-5223

Mohan Gyawali 646-299-0447 Pramod Sitaula 917-683-9760

Tek Gurung 917-291-8901 Minmar Sherpa 917-254-9252

The rally is sponsored The Nepalese Democratic Youth Council in USA (NDYCUSA), Alliance for Democracy and Human Rights in Nepal, and United Democratic Forum.


Anonymous said…
Goodluck for the Rally. Make sure you take many enlarged pictures of the atrocities. They will catch many people's attention.

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