Vibrant Federalism In Nepal Is Also About Tibet

English: The Fourth Dalai Lama, Yonten Gyatso
English: The Fourth Dalai Lama, Yonten Gyatso (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: The Tenth Dalai Lama, Tsultrim Gyatso
English: The Tenth Dalai Lama, Tsultrim Gyatso (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet
English: Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Vibrant federalism in Nepal is not just about Nepal, it is also about Tibet. Tibet has been an integral part of South Asia for as long as anyone can remember. And China's efforts to link Lhasa to Lumbini and Lhasa to Sikkim by railway is commendable.

Noone is arguing for Tibet as a separate country. But there can be no compromise on human rights, there can be no compromise on religious freedom. Tibetans deserve democracy just as much as anyone else.

The Chinese Communist Party has lifted more people out of poverty than any other political party in the history of humanity, and there are lessons there for India, for Africa and other parts of the world. And I don't see the political system in America as all good, and the political system in China as all bad. The democracy in America itself is a work in progress, always will be. I like to say America can learn campaign finance reform from China. But then China can also learn political pluralism from America. China can learn free speech.

I look forward to a day when Taiwan is truly integrated into China, in a China that is a democracy like Taiwan, and where Taiwan and Tibet are states inside a federal China like Gujrat and Arunachal Pradesh are states in India.

Madhesh is where the Buddha was born. And Tibet is where his teachings flourished like no place else. So the Madhesh feels strongly about the plight of Tibetans and their right to religious freedom. And, yes, the Dalai Lama has a right to visit Tibet. China should spot demonizing the Dalai Lama who is a delightful presence on this planet.

I want China to do well. I would like to see China go back to double digit growth rates. It is my determination that now the only way China can go back to double digit growth rates is if it engages in fundamental political reform. You can not give birth to the industries of tomorrow if you do not celebrate free speech, pure and simple. A China that has polluted itself beyond recognition should seek to take the lead on clean energy industries. I hope it does that. So it is not like I don't want the best for China. I do. But China for too long has thought it can ill treat Tibetans and get away with it. That can not stand.


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