Madhesi Party Unification: 14 Parties, Not Just 3

Madhesi Parties: 12 Lakh PR Votes

It is to be noted that the Madhesi parties did not get fewer votes than in 2008. At 12 lakh votes, they seem to compete with the Maoists themselves. There was no anti-incumbency wave against the Madhesi parties. They punished themselves by being divided into 14 parties. There is no need for another Madhesi Movement. There is only a need for a unification among these 14 parties.

Election Results

MJF(D)  2,66,276
MJF, N  2,12,733
TMLP   1,80,435
SP         1,33,521
NMSP      79,264
Terai Madhesh Sadbhavana Party  64,299
Tharuhat Terai Party Nepal           62,889
Dalit Janajati Party                        47,696
Nepali Janata Dal                          33,186
MJF(R)                                        32,004
Federal Sadbhavana Party              26,463
Madhesh Samta Party Nepal          23,960
Federal Democratic National Front (Tharuhat) 21,519
Tharuhat Tarai Party Nepal           13,811

Total Votes 11,98,056


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