Looks like I got the numbers wrong in the last post. Here are the revised numbers.

MJF(D)  2,83,468

MJFN    2,14,319
TMLP   1,81,140
SP         1,40,930

NMSP      79,508
TMSP      65,047

Tharuhat Tarai Party Nepal  62,526
Dalit Janajati Party               48,802
MJF(R)                               35,289
Nepali Janata Dal                 33,203
Federal Sadbhavana Party    25,215
Madhesh Samata Party Nepal   23,001
Federal Democratic National Front (Tharuhat) 21,519
Tharuhat Tarai Party Nepal 13,811

Total Votes     12,27,778


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