Emotionally Damaged Madhesis And Chhath

English: Devotees of the Festival Chhath Parva...
English: Devotees of the Festival Chhath Parva in Janakpur, Nepal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There is a huge emotional price you pay. The last time I attended a Madhesi event, it felt to me like I was in a roomful of people who needed group therapy. Not revolution, not movement, not inclusion, not justice, but group therapy. 

If power is in numbers, numbers है तो ------ इंडिया में वही तो है: numbers. तो फिर डरने काहे को? 

First you have to accept yourself. 

Chhath is the number one festival in Mithila. You worship the sun. You realize Chhath is also big across the Nepal-India border. And in that realization there is power. 

BAJANA hai ---- Bihar And Jharkhand Association of North America. ANTA New York ko BAJANA के साथ मिलके छठ मनाने को है --- तब देखो पावर। 

If the Indians in NYC celebrate Diwali on the first Sunday in October, then दिवाली छब्बे छठ। The second weekend in October would be the best time for Chhath. October temperatures in NYC are in the 51-67 range. It is a good range. 

The best location would be along the East River in Long Island City right in front of the UN Building. City से परमिशन बगैरह लेने होंगे। तो लो। 


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