The Maoists Have A Right To Peaceful Assembly, Peacefully Protest

Planned Peaceful Protests By The Maoists

The Maoists have upcoming plans for a mass mobilization of their cadres. That has to be welcomed. If the peace talks fail, and the Maoists decide to come out into the streets in large numbers peacefully, that has to be welcomed.

If they were to manage to wage another April Revolution, peaceful, we can not possibly argue against that. You could not legitimately use force against such peaceful protests.

Summit Talks Should Be Fruitful

The peace talks should succeed. Peace is the primary mandate of this government. How could they possibly think of not delivering?

Give And Take

Put yourself in your opponents' shoes. Look at the world through his or her eyes. Assist your opponent to save face. Don't burn all your bridges for some small fight. You might not be around for the big fights that matter.

The seven parties have genuine concerns. The Maoists have genuine concerns. They should articulate those concerns to each other, and both sides should be respectful of each other's concerns.

Security Sector Restructuring

I first learned that phrase from Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. And I like it tremendously. The army, the police, the armed police can not be allowed to stand as they stand today. The talk of restructuring the state does not apply only to the non security sector. How could the seven parties argue against that?

On their part the Maoists have to stop trying to imitate Lenin. Prachanda is no Lenin. Lenin was a world history figure. Noone has heard of Prachanda outside Nepal and a few pockets in India. And that will likely not change.

The Maoists have to make the seven parties feel they indeed have shifted ideologically from power flows through the barrel of a gun to power flows through the ballot box. Peaceful mobilization is the more effective way to ensure state restructuring.

Nepali Congress

You are looking at a Nepali Congress, RJP, RPP (Kamal) coalition for a constitutional monarchy if Girija will have his way. That guy single handedly wishes to reverse the decision of his party's last convention. Should not that be illegal or something?

In The News

King should remain as head of state: NC gen secy NepalNews Nepali Congress (NC) general secretary KB Gurung ..... “The country accepted a Rana prime minister in 2007 B.S to safeguard the national existence. The situation now is that the monarchy should be kept in for the same purpose” ...... “The Nepali Congress is not a pro-republic party. The people’s movement was for democracy, not for a republic”
Katawal appointed new Chief of Army Staff Tuesday’s meeting of the council of ministers took the decision to this effect. Om Bikram Rana has been appointed Inspector General (IG) of Nepal Police, Basudev Oli as IG of Armed Police Forces and Dhansingh Karki as Chief of National Investigation Department. .....
Cabbies bring traffic to a halt in central Kathmandu
Int’l media mission meets political parties, Maoists; gets commitment for press freedom
Families of disappeared people continue sit-in
Prachanda's Confidence, PM's Confusion - By Dr. Som P Pudasaini Clarity of goal and a roadmap to get there is a precondition for confidence. Without courage to pursue it relentlessly in the face of expected and unexpected odds clarity will be orphaned. Only rock-solid commitment will prevent clarity from being blurred and courage dwindled during the march to the destination ....... Prachanda, dynamic and untested in the art of governance, has accumulated massive political capital and unexpected political height in a decade with struggle and a vision of a restructured and inclusive nation. ..... the Maoists declared on 2 September 2006 that there was no possibility of arms management, including confinement of their army in camps, before "completely" resolving political issues based on an "overall political package" that includes interim statute, interim parliament, interim government and arms management. Abolition of monarchy and restructured army was declared pre-conditions for laying down arms and ensuring "lasting democracy". ........ With offices in district headquarters, existing village units, people's court, people's army and taxation or donations, a "soft" parallel government appears virtually in sight. ....... The Maoists and the government both are complaining of unwarranted army mobilization in the capital by each other lately. Interestingly, the king is rumored to be consulting with politicians and journalists close to him and plans to broaden the interactions in the future . ...... Prachanda and his group are showing better confidence and preparations, will you continue to be confused and vacillating Girijababu and SPA?

Rebel families protest against Nepal "disappearances" Reuters AlertNet, UK
Nepal appeals for 121 mln usd in flood, drought aid Forbes
Nepal seeks international assistance for flood relief Hindustan Times, India
Nepal appeal for aid for flood, drought assistance People's Daily Online, China
Controversial general named Nepal's new army chief Telugu Portal, India army chief General Pyar Jung Thapa, who retires on Sep 9 ...... Katuwal too was scheduled to retire five days later. ..... Katuwal defended himself by saying as a soldier he was simply following orders. ...... he had falsified documents to give his age as 1949-born when his actual year of birth was 1944, which puts him well past the age of retirement. ...... On Monday, 16 activists sent a letter to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, urging him to take steps against the appointment, which they said would promote a culture of impunity in Nepal. ..... On the positive side, Katuwal becomes the first commoner officer to get the top army post. He comes from an indigenous group at a time Nepal's army had been traditionally controlled by the upper class Thapas, Ranas, Thakuris and Chhetris, most of whom were related to the palace. .......
Nepal stops delivery of arms from Ukrainian plane Islamic Republic News Agency, Iran worth 1,41,6000 dollars ...... The government had paid 180,000 dollars to the company on July 3, 2005 ......
Nepal Names New Chief For Beleaguered Army, Romania General Katuwal is said to be popular among the rank and file of the Nepalese army and is the first commoner to rise to head the Nepalese army. In the past, army chiefs came from the aristocratic Shah, Rana and Thapa families.
Army respects aspirations of people: Thapa Gorkhapatra
Germany provides Rs 9m to UNHCR Nepal Islamic Republic News Agency, Iran

Media Mission Meets Prachanda Himalayan Times Prachanda expressed his full support to establish press freedom in Nepal .... Federation of Nepalese Journalists(FNJ) president Bishnu Nisthuri, Toby Mendel of Article 19, Andrea Cairola of UNESCO, Jacqueline Park of IFJ, Biljana Tatomir of Open Society Institute(OSI), Sunanda of International News Safety Institute(INSI), Ashish Sen of AMARC , Faruq Faisal and Laxmi Murti of IFJ
70 pc Addicts in Nepal Are Schoolkids: Report
Bill Proposing 45pc Reservations in Civil Service Tabled 45 per cent reservation for Women, Dalits, Janajatis and other disadvantaged groups. ...... also made a provision for open competition at the under-secretary and joint-secretary levels. ..... 45 per cent quota for women, Janajatis and Dalits, Madhesis and disabled to make civil service inclusive ...... The quota will exist for the next 20 years but separate examinations will be conducted to give them chances for jobs. However, if people cannot claim in such quotas in the same year of vacancy, the government can fill the posts through normal ways and other free competitors can fight for the posts. The government has the authority to appoint women in certain posts if the posts are suitable for them....... This is the first time the government has adopted quota system. ...... The Bill has proposed 10 per cent open competition for the posts of joint-secretary and under-secretary. The Bill has proposed to scrap the provision of appointing peons in the government service ......
Ready to box in PLA till CA polls, says Mahara they would not go to the people with arms during the election. ...... He claimed a military copter recently dropped a huge amount of arms at an army barrack at midnight. ......
Govt to categorise public schools The schools will be categorised in four major groups - Ka, Kha, Ga and Gha on the basis of physical infrastructure, teachers’ efficiency, school’s responsibility and transparency and school’s achievement. ...... the categorisation committee headed by district school supervisor approves the school’s self-evaluation form covering the teachers’ qualification, number of teachers, school environment, physical infrastructure, library facility, schools’ performance and scholarship provisions. ...... The schools receiving 80 per cent and above in self-evaluation will fall under ‘Ka’ grade, schools receiving 60 per cent and above will fall under ‘Kha’ grade, schools receiving 40 per cent and above along with those schools who do not participate in the accreditation programme will fall under ‘Ga’ grade. While the schools that receive less than 40 per cent marks will fall under ‘Gha’ grade and the DoE will take necessary actions aimed at improving the quality of such schools........ the categorisation would help analyse whether the 28,000 public schools are needed for the country or not.
Maoists on tax collection drive in Jhapa The Maoists have started collecting tax in three municipalities of Jhapa district from today after five political parties and the Maoists failed to come to an agreement on dividing the tax collected by the local body. ..... Earlier, the Maoists were taking a portion of the tax collected by the DDC. The contracts given by the DDC were cancelled after the Maoists issued a separate tender notice. ..... The local body lost more than Rs 30 lakh revenue in the month of Shrawan after the Maoists began collecting tax by issuing a tender notice for contracts in local bodies. The staff of the municipalities today stopped tax-collection after the Maoists and parties failed to agree on the matter. ......

Govt appeal for $120m flood, drought assistance Kantipur Publications
प्रचण्ड सार्वजनिक कार्यक्रममा अनुपस्थित
निजामती निर्णय
अन्तरिम विधान असफलताका कारण
संविधानसभा निर्वाचन क्षेत्र


1 September 2006, Friday163

2 September 2006, Saturday189

3 September 2006, Sunday199

4 September 2006, Monday149
5 September09:08Iceland (
5 September11:08Fannie Mae, Washington, D.C., United States
5 September11:11University of Texas, Dallas, United States
5 September11:35University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, United States
5 September13:17SkyVision, Rwanda


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