Roger Adhikari Bahun

I have never formally joined any Nepali organization in America although I have hardly been passive. I was the only full timer among Nepalis in the US to have worked for Nepal 's democracy movement back in 2005-06. I launched ANTA in NYC but never became a member, although I have attended more ANTA events than most.

But I have stayed informed. Sometimes you hear, sometimes you read. And so it has come to my notice that the first Janajati to attain a national leadership position among the Nepalis is under attack by the Bahun brigade and this guy Roger Adhikari has been leading the charge.

I once met the guy. I was sick of all the posturing going on around him by several ANTA leaders, as if ANTA was formed to apologize to and to pay respects to Pahadiyas like this Anglo name Roger. This guy reeked of prejudice. You could just smell it from a distance. And then he opened his mouth and my suspicions were confirmed. And then he said something racist in an online forum and I picked up a fight. The hell with this guy, I said to ANTA members.

He is on record making a case as to why Nepalis in America will not and should not invest in Nepal. This Pahadiya does not even love the Pahad. This guy is a lost cause.

I don't know much about Chhewang Lama 's time in office. But I like the fact that a Sherpa has managed to become president of ANA. That has never happened before.

And now this Roger guy is all over the map trying to scuttle Sherpa's chances. Chhewang Lama is in a public position and thus is open to criticism. But Roger's tone of voice tells me his motivation is racism. This Adhikari guy is prejudiced upto his neck. In short, his opposition to Chhewang is that he is a Sherpa, a Janajati. Shame on Roger.


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