के नेपालको "फिजीकरण" संभव छ?

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 के नेपालको "फिजीकरण" संभव छ?

फिजीमा भारतीय मुल का मानिस गएर बसे। अहिले झण्डै आधा मानिस त्यहाँ भारतीय मुल का छन। भारतीय मुल को मान्छे फिजी को प्रधान मंत्री सम्म भएको छ। अर्को आधा काला मानिस हुन। ती काला मानिस कहाँ बाट आएको भन्ने कुराको चासो कुनै पहरिया लाई छैन। नेपाली हरु एक करोड़ नेपाल बाहिर मध्ये ८० लाख भारत गएर बसेको कुरा को चिन्ता पनि छैन।

तर यहाँ offensive कुरा के छ भन्दा मधेसी जति सबै भारतीय हुन, ती सबै भारत बाट आएका हुन, कोही ढिलो, कोही चाडो, फरक त्यति मात्र हो, तर आउन सबै भारत बाट आएका हुन, त्यो suggestion छ यो शब्द मा।

पहाड़ बाट झरेर मधेस गएर बसेका पहरिया ले पनि त्यही माइंडसेट राखेको देखिन्छ।

यो तथ्य मा आधारित क्लेम नै होइन। But racism has no logic. Racism is not supposed to have logic. यो एउटा racist claim हो। मिथिला को मधेस को इतिहास लाख वर्ष सम्म जान्छ। १८१६ र १८६० मा ब्रिटिश ले बदमाशी गरे। मधेस मा मधेसी को इतिहास continuous छ। मल्ल राजको दरबार मा मैथिलि बोलिने देखि, रामायण सम्म।

बरु खस हरु १००% बाहिर बाट आएका हरु हुन। कोही ४०० वर्ष पहिला आए, कोही ६०० वर्ष पहिला, कोही बर्मा भुटान बाट ६ वर्ष पहिला। तर १,००० वर्ष पुराणो इतिहास एउटा खस को पनि छैन शायद।

नेपाल देश स्थापना गरेकै राम वरण का पुर्खा यादव हरुले हो।

मधेसी हरुको बिहेबारी बोर्डर पारी भएको होइन कि बिहेबारी भइराखेको ठाउँमा बीचमा ब्रिटिश र राणा ले बोर्डर राखिदिएको हो।

बिहार र उत्तर प्रदेश बाट आउने मधेस का बुहारी लाई दोस्रो दर्जा को नागरिकता स्वीकार गर्न ५६ मधेसी शहीद भएको होइन। नागरिकता एक किसिमको मात्र हुन्छ। कि मधेसी ले समानता पाउँछ कि देश टुट्छ। खस हरुले भ्रम नराखेस। संघीयता कसैले यी बाहुन हरु सँग मागेकै छैन। त्यो ५६ मधेसी शहीद ले कमाएर संविधान मा लेखिसकेको कुरा। रगतले लेखेको। त्यो मेटिन सक्दैन।

जसरी अमेरिका का गोरा हरु बाहिर बाट आएका हुन त्यसरी नेपालका खस हरु बाहिर बाट आएका हुन। मधेसी स्थानीय हुन, मधेसी र जनजाति।

आमा र बाबु र आमा वा बाबु को नौटंकी ले झुक्याउन सकिँदैन। कुरा छ मधेस का बुहारी दोस्रो दर्जा को नागरिक भएर नबस्ने भन्ने।

Choose federalism or constitution. You cannot have both
Our constitutional process was supposed to be participatory, but it was not. As for content, it reads more like a document containing various political declarations than a constitution. In other words, it is like a combined manifesto of political parties. And it is not clear what values it wants to uphold. ....... Clause (3) of Article 54. It states that the economic objective of the state shall be to develop "socialism-oriented economy." And if you look into the preamble you will come across "commitment to create bases of socialism." It is political language. You do not include political agenda of a certain party or a group in the preamble. ...... Bolivia has the longest constitution with 500 Articles, and so also one of the least effective constitutions. Indian constitution has 395 Articles, and it too is hard to implement, and has been amended hundreds of times. Venezuelan constitution has 350 Articles and this is their 27th constitution. On the other hand, countries with short and prescriptive constitutions have done well.

American constitution consists of seven Articles

, Canada's 60 Articles and France and Australia also have short constitutions. Our draft constitution has 300 Articles with several language errors. You have jatiya chhuwachhut, bargiya chhuwachhut, bhasik chhuwachhut and laingik chhuwachhut (untouchability based on race/caste, class, language and sex). What does this mean? There is no linguistic and class untouchability in practice. The draft reflects clear lack of drafting skills. ........... political leaders wanted to take all the credit for constitution. They prepared the draft. They did not consult constitutional experts. ........ In participatory method, politicians and representatives give political concepts which will be translated into constitutional points by a technical committee. Nothing like this happened in Nepal. ....... Leaders claim they had to address the aspirations of all sections. But neither Dalits, nor Madheshis or Janajatis are happy with this draft. There are so many flaws that it is hard to defend it ....... You have 32 fundamental rights in this draft. Perhaps this is the longest bill of rights in the world. While this is positive, I must also tell you that some of the rights are impossible to grant. Some provisions have been copied ditto from 1990 constitution. The only difference is that you have 'President' written in place of 'King.' There are provisions to ensure government stability but also clauses to render such provisions ineffective. Bad aspects of the draft constitution vastly outnumber its good aspects. .......... Countries often take a long time to settle federalism. Belgium started it in 1970s, but could only resolve the issue in 1992. ........ I do not believe our leaders are capable of bringing a constitution with naming and delineation settled. ........... It was a political, legal and historical blunder to adopt federal system. Nepal does not have any of the prerequisites (such as disintegrated states, rule of law, statesmanship and leadership, democratic culture and economic viability) for federalism. Federalism is antithesis to inclusive state and diversity. It will be impossible to get a constitution with federalism. So either you choose federalism or you choose constitution. You cannot have both. There are 26 federal countries in the world and federalism has become successful only in countries that were earlier in a state of disunion or disintegration. ...... It is unnatural for a unitary state to turn into a federal state. Belgium, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Sudan did so and so they all failed. I claim that federalism in Nepal is bound to fail. ........ The problem started when 'father and mother' was retained in draft constitution instead of 'father or mother' in the Interim Constitution. This should not have happened. But there is even more troubling provision that many have not noticed. In Clause (2) of Article 12, there is a provision for granting citizenship by descent to the child whose parents acquired Nepali citizenship by birth before the "commencement of this constitution." This will include children of those who got citizenship after 2007. They can now get citizenship by descent in the name of father or mother. In Article 282, there is a provision whereby a person having citizenship by descent can be nominated, elected and appointed as the President and Prime Minister. There seems to be clever deception here.

Such provisions increase the fear of Fijikaran of Nepal.

............ People's feedback has literally reversed premises of the 16-point deal. Leaders thought they were entitled to settle all issues and feedback was only formality. People challenged this notion. ...... Modi's administration seems to have given a clear message regarding secularism and naming and delineation of provinces. All this has undermined the spirit of the 16-point deal. .....

For the moment, the possibility of constitution by mid-August is over.

Delhi's message and people's feedback have made things more complicated for the parties. Delhi seems to want that Nepal takes more time to make its constitution.