How To Conduct A Meeting

How To Conduct A Meeting

You earn democracy. And then you have meetings. Meetings after meetings after meetings. Meetings can get out of hand, they can start late, and last forever, and you might end up not getting much of substance. That can lead to frustration. The morale of the group might go down.

Show up on time. Show respect for others.

I have never been fond of the strict versions of the Robert's Rules Of Order, but then my number one rule there is don't let the rules bog you down. You can simplify the procedures. The simplest rule is there is one leader, only one person speaks at a time, and decisions are taken through vote. When the goal of the group is clear, the meeting can move fast. A smaller core group can set the formal agenda beforehand. That can save time.

But sometimes if people come in with a hidden agenda to slow down progress, their desire might be to prolong the meeting and lead it to an indefinite conclusion. This can be seen when you are talking issues like social justice. When that happens, you have to remember each person still is worth one vote, and each person has a right to be heard, and there you go to the elaborate Robert's Rules Of Order. Otherwise you invite chaos.

The Robert's Rules Of Order is not exactly Nobel Prize for Physics category stuff. People have been holding meetings for thousands of years. People get heard, people make decisions. But this guy I guess put it down on paper. White guy.

My preferred method is to combine face time with screen time. Create a group blog for free so each person has unlimited space to say whatever it is they want to say. If they are having to put it down in writing, people are also kind of forced to summarize what they are having to say. And you have bridge activists who blog on behalf of a group.

But then this is a high tech version. You are assuming people have internet access, and are comfortable blogging.

The plus point is the group blog idea throws Robert out the window. You free people of both space and time constraints. Internet access is quite wide in Nepal also. And blogging is as easy as email.

Revolutionary zeal makes it easier to have meetings. When the goal is clear - end a dictatorship - meetings run fast and smooth. The thing to realize right now is that the revolution is still on. All the concrete achievements are still ahead of us. We have to articulate the ongoing revolution. And meetings will get easier all over again.

The guide to action still is to create common minimum programs.

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