Nepal: A Total Political Disaster

I put full time work into Nepal's democracy movement a decade ago. I also put full time work into the subsequent Madhesi movement, which I saw as but phase two of the same democracy movement. About my work I said, and I stand by the statement.
There is a concrete mathematical theory called the butterfly effect. A butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon forest could be the reason a cyclone hit Bangladesh. What happened in Nepal in April 2006, January-February 2007, and February 2008 were political cyclones. I was the butterfly flapping my wings in New York City. In April 2006, over a period of 19 days, about eight million people out of the country's 27 million came out into the streets to shut the country down completely to force a dictator out.
If I had put the same kind of effort into the first two years of Nepal's first constituent assembly, Nepal would not have seen the drama it has seen since, and would have been a textbook example of how to take democracy into a Third World country, but small minded people like Charlie Rangel had other plans.

But I made a fundamental mistake along the way, which I fully intend to rectify.

The formula for toppling the dictatorship was perfect and can be taken everywhere else. You get people out into the streets everywhere in the country and have them stay there until the dictator bows out. The ideology behind that is five fold, and you get there through a popularly elected constituent assembly.

लोकतंत्र, मानव अधिकार, गणतंत्र, संघीयता, समावेशीता (Democracy, Human Rights, Republic, Federalism, Inclusion)

Then I looked at India, and came up with the next step, in terms of a mental framework. And just like in the case of Nepal, I listened to the churn on the ground and learned. It was a two way conversation. I have learned a lot from Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar.

सुशासन, शिक्षा, स्वास्थ्य, संरचना, सुलभता (Good Governance, Education, Health, Infrastructure, Ease Of Doing Business)

Then I looked at Modi's ambition to remake India into a First World Country, and I said this.

E for Education, E for Entrepreneurship, E for Energy

But the entire time I have forgotten the most fundamental and the most important part. And I intend to rectify that, not only for Nepal, but also for India. And that is this.

Kumar: Wake Up To God
Medium: Paramendra Bhagat
Open Your Heart And See God Is Everywhere

There is but one God, there always has been but one God. Someone who has not conquered death is not even a person, someone who has not come to realize that his/her soul is unique in the history and future of time is not even a person. And you can not have democracy unless there is the person, for democracy is one person one vote. The people of Nepal have to embrace God, and become people, one person at a time. That is the only path to democracy, equality and riches. That is the only path to true liberation. That is the only way to smash the caste system to smithereens. The caste system is not God's way. It is The Devil's work. Come over to God's side, and smash the caste system.

Hereditary Bramhinism And Democracy In Nepal

There is an enormous cultural resistance to Jesus Christ in Nepal and India. Jesus gets equated with colonization. Whereas the colonizers and those who uphold the caste system are on the same side, the side of The Devil, Gandhi walked the path of Jesus Christ, the path of liberation, but he did not walk far enough.

Jesus Christ does not negate The Buddha, The Buddha is about the mind, Christ is about the soul. Jesus Christ does not contradict the Geeta, which teaches a full immersion in life, and a full detachment, always being conscious of God. Jesus was not even a white guy, any more than Buddha had Chinese eyes.

And if you don't like any existing church, or any existing organized religion that revolves around Jesus, start a new one. But there is no escaping The Truth. There are four elements to The Truth. There is a God, a loving, kind, forgiving God, creator of all things earth and Heaven. There is a Heaven. Your soul is unique in the history and future of time. You do not end at death. All four elements come together beautifully in the person of Jesus Christ, who was both man and God.

Many Religions, One God

No one else in any religious tradition has claimed to be the Son Of God. Jesus might have looked like an Arab today. The corrupt priests Jesus railed against, they are the same corrupt priests in power in Nepal today, and they stand between God and the people. The people will have to rise all over again. Bahunvad (Bramhinism) deserves nothing less than a total defeat.

Hereditary Bramhinism: 100 Times More Harmful Than Hereditary Monarchy
Visiting Utter Political Destruction Upon The Brahmins Of Nepal
India’s Caste System: Spiritual Corruption Second To None

I shall spring forth a new global religious organization, and that organization shall also come to Nepal, to India, to South Asia at large. The butterfly effect this time shall walk the land like an elephant, with the full force of a large organization that speaks the language of peace, love, kindness and forgiveness.

Jesus created The Person on earth. Jesus is not just about Heaven, although He is the most concrete bridge possible between earth and Heaven, because it was a bridge built by God Himself, for God so loves humanity. You do not have a soul like you have a limb. Don't let the Brahmins fool you. Your language, your culture are treasures created by God Himself, why would he have problems with those? Cultural diversity is God's creation. Racism is The Devil's work. And I wonder why the Brahmins find Nepal's diversity so problematic!

There can be no compromise on human rights, there can be no compromise on religious freedom, there can be no compromise on a secular constitution. No special status may be accorded to any organized religion. The word of God may be peacefully spoken. Until then let there be political struggle until the Brahmins have been pushed into an eternal political wilderness.

भारतके मुसलमान: पाँचवा कास्ट

If the people of Nepal needed to know the evil ways of Bahunvad, all they have to look at is the aftermath of the earthquake. The evils of Brahminism are bottomless.


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