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Google: We have proof that our quantum computer really works
The company's new algorithm could hold the key to next-gen AI
Google and NASA Hope Lightning-Fast Computers Will Unlock the Secrets of Nature
Quantum computers can perform about 100 million times faster than today’s machines.
Dev partners urge Nepal to speed up anti-graft efforts
Thomas Piketty to India’s Elite: ‘Learn From History’
How Germany Reacted to Angela Merkel as TIME’s Person of the Year
Angela Merkel
US intelligence community wants to help IBM crack quantum computing
Politics In Hawaii Threatens To End Astronomy As We Know It
China Pakistan Relations
4 Ways China Can Become a Global Governance Leader
Steps China can take to remake itself into a leader on global governance issues.
While China used to be the leader of the third world during the Cold War era, China’s overall capabilities meant that it could not provide an alternative model of development for other developing countries. But things are changing now. Today’s China is marching (slowly) toward superpower status and this means that it is in a much better position to help other developing countries achieve their own national dreams. ......

Without a stable and peaceful domestic environment, it is simply impossible for these developing countries to focus on their economic development.

..... China can export its own rich experiences in establishing an effective bureaucratic system for other developing countries. In other words, China can make so-called “failed states” work again. ..... a golden opportunity for developing countries to climb out of their resource traps and create new industries that center around knowledge, abetted by the Internet ...... The simple reality of global finance is that developing countries are receiving too little capital from the developed world. ...... This isn’t a result of the lack of capital, because there is abundant capital around the world. The key issue is that capital owners in the developed world are not willing to risk their investments in most developing countries due to all kinds of political, social, and economic uncertainties. ...... a broader democratization of international relations.
Asia's "Cold Peace": China and India's Delicate Diplomatic Dance
the shadow of a militarized border dispute was never far away. ..... Unexplained Chinese military activity on the disputed border is likely to leave many Indians thinking more about perfidy than partnership. If it was meant to signal disapproval about Modi’s openness to strategic partnership with Shinzo Abe’s Japan, it will probably instead bring Delhi and Tokyo closer. .......... Just days after the summit, when there should have been a diplomatic afterglow, there was an aftertaste of anxiety. .......

Indians are accustomed to a pattern of apparent Chinese provocations on the eve of high-level meetings—as if to remind India of its place.

Last year, a prolonged incident was resolved before Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived in Delhi. Months later, another took place before former Prime Minister Singh went to Beijing, testing his policy of restraint. This one was different: it began before Xi arrived, eased only towards the end of his visit, and resumed with a fresh “incursion” into contested territory within 48 hours of his departure...... Xi Jinping’s recent warnings to the People’s Liberation Army about “absolute loyalty” and heeding his command had something to do with the Indian border standoff. ..... Xi Jinping has been successful in deepening his control over the PLA and other of China’s potentially errant security ‘actors’. ......

Despite all their commonalities, including proximity, great civilizational legacies and the shared challenge of lifting the welfare and dignity of billion-plus populations, China and India had bizarrely little to do with one another.

...... China became India’s largest trading partner ...... transcend past differences and focus pragmatically on development. ..... Modi .. has a large democratic mandate and is in a position to do deals. He appears to be guided by a strong sense of the national interest and can’t be outflanked on the right in mainstream Indian politics. If any Indian leader is going to be in a position to sell the Indian public a compromise with China on the border issue, it will be Modi. ......

Any effort to improve relations between Asia’s two rising giants is a net gain for global order and human welfare.

..... the two men, who between them influence the fates of more citizens than any previous two leaders in history ..... China announced intentions to direct $20 billion of investment into India and the establishment of special industrial parks in two of the country’s most dynamic states. ..... Tourism would be encouraged—Hindu pilgrims helped to visit Tibet, movies made and books translated—to ensure wider popular understanding between two great cultures. ...... The Myanmar-Bangladesh corridor was identified as a placed of shared economic opportunity. ..... China will support India’s full membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, once fairly much the preserve of China and Russia ..... for now it remains difficult to imagine the prospect of China and India extending their modest policy coordination on Afghanistan to a shared vision on Pakistan. .....

It’s easy to call the Indian-Chinese relationship a rivalry, only it isn't, not yet at least.

..... a deeply asymmetric relationship. India’s economy and military strength is a fraction of China’s, and the best India can hope for in strategic terms is a combination of resilience and deterrence .... A generous appraisal of Xi and Modi would suggest they are

like-minded technocrats, rightly impatient to strengthen their economies and societies.

Mountainside military maneuvers will only keep them from that lofty goal.

समस्या समाधान नभए सरकारमा नबस्ने : राप्रपा
जनकपुर बजार अब दैनिक केही घण्टाको लागि निर्धक्क भई खोल्न पाइने
विगत चार महिनादेखि बन्द रहेको जनकपुर बजार अब दैनिक केही घण्टाको लागि निर्धक्क भई खोल्न पाइने भएको छ । जनकपुर उद्योग वाणिज्य संघले जारी गरेको विज्ञप्ती अनुसार दिउँसो ३ बजेपछि बजार खोल्न पाईनेछ । ..... आन्दोलनरत्त पक्षसंग भएको भद्र सहमति अनुसार सम्पूर्ण उद्योगी व्यवसायीले दिउँसो ३ बजेपूर्व आन्दोलनका कार्यक्रमहरुमा सहभागी हुने र त्यसपछि पसल संचालन गर्ने पाउने संघका अध्यक्ष शिवशंकर साह हिराद्वारा हस्ताक्षरित विज्ञप्तीमा उल्लेख रहेको छ ।
केन्द्रिय गठबन्धनको निर्णयप्रति राष्ट्रिय मुस्लिम संघर्ष धनुषा गठबन्धनको कडा आपत्ति


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