Nepal Is Burning, Madhesh Is Burning


This video is about the ongoing violence in Nepal during the Constitution Building Process. More than 40 people are dead including 35 Madhesi and 8 policemen during the political protest. Government of Nepal has resorted to extreme major of crowd control that resulted in policemen and majority of protesters casualities. Human Rights Agencies such as National and International have reported the ongoing declining human rights condition. The core of the issue is the protest by the marginalized madhesi and JanJatis ( Indigneous Population) who are sidelined from the constitution building process. The protest are mostly in the southern Nepal where people are increasingly isolated and discriminated based on ethnicity. The violence is fueled by irresponsible communal statements made by the ruling three party leaders who claims that killing few will not make any difference to the constitution making. In fact more than 50% of population is dissatisfied by the constitution draft. Government is adamant not to include the marginalized factions in the process.Please share this video to depict the other aspects of the ongoing protest which are being covered by the national media influenced by the ruling class.#StopKillingMadhesiInNepal #StopKillingInNepalReference :

Posted by Amit Ranjan on Sunday, September 13, 2015


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