Why Does Karnali Want To Be Its Own State?

स्वायत्त कर्णाली प्रदेश को माग जायज छ
कञ्चनपुरदेखि चितवनसम्म थरुहट प्रदेश
१ देश, १६ प्रदेश, २०-३० विशेष क्षेत्र, १००० गाउँ/नगर = १२५ जातजाति
मगरात को जायज माग: पहिचान बिनाको संघीयता नागरिक बिनाको लोकतंत्र जस्तो

The people in Karnali have some of the lowest literacy rates in the country, comparable to Mahottari and Rautahat. But people in Karnali understand federalism. Colonized Bengal saw a massive famine during World War II. Churchill killed more Bengalis than Hitler killed Jews. But Bengalis with self rule have never seen a repeat. That is the magic of self rule.

Karnali is a colonized land. The unitary, centralized state does not work for the Khas either, and Karnali is proof. For a physically remote part of the country that Karnali is, having a capital that is nearby is extra important. 

Yarchagumba and tourism alone can make Karnali not only self sufficient but also rich. But it does not matter that you have rice, lentils and vegetables in your house. If your hands are tied, how are you going to cook? You are going to go hungry. 

Self rule for Karnali. Now. 

What does self rule mean? Karnali will have its own police. It would elect its own Chief Minister. It would have local bureaucrats for the most part. It would have its own court system. 

Karnali needs broadband internet and electricity more than it needs roads. Karnali needs schools and hospitals that it can provide for itself for the most part. 

Karnali also needs a special package provision in the constitution. 25% of the poorest states in the country measured by per capita income should get special packages every year in the central budget. 

Self rule is like the right to vote. We don't say Karnali is too remote or too poor for the people there to be allowed voting rights. Self rule is simply voting rights with some sophistication. 

That Sher Bahadur Deuba and Bhim Rawal thought they spoke for these people is proof they don't understand federalism. When the topic of debate is federalism, these two individuals should walk out of the room. Karnali is not anti-Tharu. And Tharus are not anti-Karnali. They both simply want empowerment that self rule brings.

Only one out of three Nepalis came into the streets in April 2006. But human rights came to everyone. Similarly the Madhesi Kranti was not just for Madhesis. It was supposed to bring federalism to everyone. Honor the deals that were made.

King Gyanendra is not making the other two crores parade for their right to free speech. The neo monarchs stink. 

Children go topless demanding separate Karnali state
The ongoing protest in Karnali has entered into a seventh day on Saturday where semi-naked children wearing black specs hit the streets holding placards that read 'Hamro Bhawisya Andhakar Chha’, meaning ‘Our future is dark’. ....... The Karnali denizens have been protesting against the decision to retain Karnali in the undivided Far Western state.

They are asking for a separate Karnali state with special rights.

..... Seven-year-old protestor Arbish Karki warned that they would resort to hunger strike in front of District Administration Office, if the demands of Karnali people were not met. ..... The protesters argue that Karnali would be in loss and their children will have a dark future if integrated with undivided Far Western State.


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