The Future Is In The Future

The British Indian Empire and surrounding coun...
The British Indian Empire and surrounding countries in 1909 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
With all due respect, the future is in the future. The British Raj sucked the Indian spirit dry, true. But there is no going back to the days before the British Raj. There was the sati pratha. Monarchies ruled. That is feudalism. Poverty was endemic. The kings had gold and were rich. But the people were still poor. A primarily Hindu nation was ruled by a Muslim dynasty. Nothing against Muslims, and I hope India elects a Muslim prime minister some day, but there was something wrong in the picture. And Mughal Raj was different from the British Raj. The Muslims are a minority, but they are still Indian.

The glory is not in the past. The glory has to be created in the future. Democracy is modern India's religion. India has to prove democracy leads to prosperity, that India can become a First World country, a country that has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty.

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Shah said that in broader perspective, "achhe din" meant restoring the pride that India enjoyed globally before the British raj. "Desh ko duniya ke sarvochch sthan par baithana hai to paanch saal ki sarkaar kuchh nahi kar sakti (Five-year rule (by BJP) cannot make India the top world power)," Shah said....... He elaborated that in its first five-year rule, the BJP government could reduce inflation, ensure secure borders, make a strong foreign policy, achieve economic development, provide jobs and remove poverty. "But the BJP needs to win elections at every level, from panchayat to the Lok Sabha, for

25 years to take India to the No. 1 position in the world

," he added.