What Does It Mean To Defy The Supreme Court?

What does it mean to defy the Supreme Court? Is that even an option? Down that path lies chaos, and the recipe for a failed state.

सर्वोच्च अदालतले संविधान सभाले संविधान लेख्ने काम रोक भनेर भनेकै होइन। मस्यौदा तैयार पार्ने भए पार्ने। तर अदालत विरुद्ध वक्तव्यवाजी गर्ने हरु विरुद्ध मानहानी को मुद्दा दर्ता भा छ। अंतरिम संविधान सँग जुध्ने गरी संविधान लेख्न चाहिं पाइयेन। लेखिएमा त्यसका विरुद्ध सर्वोच्च ले पनि कदम चालन पायो, राष्ट्रपतिले पनि। राष्ट्रपतिको एक मात्र काम अंतरिम संविधानको रक्षा हो। राष्ट्रपतिको सही बिना अर्को संविधान जारी नै हुँदैन।

भित्तामा टाउको ठोक्काउने उपाय गर्दैछन् पहाड़े हरु।

हामी संविधान लेख्ने काम रोक्दैनौं भनेको के! सर्वोच्च ले त्यही त गर भनेको छ।

अंतरिम संविधान ले महिला पुरुष बीच भेदभाव नगर्ने भनेको छ। मस्यौदा मा नागरिकता को सवाल मा महिला पुरुष बीच भेदभाव गर्ने गरी लेखिएको छ। भित्तामा टाउको ठोक्काउने उपाय मात्र हो त्यो।

संघीयता का बारे पनि बोलेको छ त अंतरिम संविधान ले।

हुँदा हुँदा एक पटक फेरि केपी ओली लाई प्रधान मंत्री बनाउने प्रयास शुरू भा छ। गाईजात्रा हो यो।

अंतरिम संविधान को उल्लंघन गर्न न त सर्वोच्च ले दिन्छ न त राष्ट्रपतिले। चेतना भया।

कुनै पनि २००६ अप्रैल को क्रांति पछि प्रतिक्रांति को डर हुन्छ। अंतरिम संविधान को महत्त्व त्यो हो। सफल क्रांतिले प्रतिक्रांतिको ढोका बन्द गरेको हो त्यो। मधेसी क्रांति को उपलब्धि पनि त्यसै अंतरिम संविधानमा छ।

त्यो अंतरिम संविधान को उल्लंघन गर्ने जरुरत नै किन महसुस भाको बाहुन हरुलाई?

There are two iron gates standing in your way that will protect the interim constitution: the Supreme Court and the President.

Nepal parties defy SC order, push through draft constitution
The draft was prepared on the basis of a 16 point pact between ruling parties in Nepal with the opposition Maoist party and a Tarai based outfit. But this was riddled with controversy as Tarai based political parties and politically underrepresented social groups objected to the postponement of the issue of federal restructuring. The Supreme Court stepped in to issue an interim order and said the constitution must demarcate federal boundaries. But the bigger political forces slammed the judiciary's move and went ahead with the draft. ........ The preamble, however, does not mention the word 'secularism' ....... oriented to democratic socialism ...... Nepal would have three layers of government - federal, provincial and local. There will be 8 provinces, the boundaries of which will be determined by a federal commission to be set up by the government whose term will be six months. The recommendations of the commission will come to the Legislature-Parliament, which can decide on boundaries by a two thirds majority. Provincial assemblies will determine the names of states. Provinces are however empowered to set up their own commissions to determine the structure of local bodies and create special units. ....... the SC, in its interim order, categorically stated that as per Article 138 of the interim constitution, it is the CA's task to finalise the name, boundaries and number of provinces. There is already a contempt petition against the parties for defying the order. ....... On citizenship, under Part 2 of the draft, Article 12 says that those whose father and mother (I.e both parents) are both Nepali citizens are eligible for citizenship by descent. Women's groups, with wide support from civil society, had launched a campaign for citizenship through mothers - and had argued the provision should be that children whose father or mother were Nepali citizens can get citizenship. This has not been accepted. ........ On naturalised citizenship, foreign women married to Nepali men can get immediate citizenship while foreign men married to Nepali women have to wait 15 years to get citizenship. This is a critical clause especially because of the magnitude of cross border marriages between Nepal and India. Women's activists have objected to the inequality in naturalisation clause. ...... The draft says that 165 constituencies will be determined on the basis of geography and population, sparking concerns from Tarai groups who fear that Tarai where there is over 50 percent of the population will end up under-represented.


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