Truth And Reconciliation Commission

Just like human rights have only one international definition, the Truth And Reconciliation Commission has only one international definition. You form a commission, and you let it do its work. That is part and parcel of the peace process in Nepal that has not concluded yet.

Judicial adventurism at the hands of a judiciary that still primarily serves the interests of the Khas elite would be an attack on the peace process. Nepali Congress suffered more than any other organization during the civil war. If the peace were to end and the country thrown back into civil war, the Nepali Congress would suffer more than any other entity in the country. Why would Nepali Congress stalwarts do things to mar the peace process? I don't understand.

South Africa is the best example of a Truth And Reconciliation Commission doing its work to ensure permanent peace in the country. Nepal should learn. Nepal has a very real chance of going back to civil war. That can not be allowed.

The concept of a Truth And Reconciliation Commission is not one of general amnesty. Extreme cases of human rights violations do get persecuted. But they only enter the judicial process after the commission recommends. In Nepal some vested interests are trying to put the cart before the horse. They actually benefit if the country goes back to civil war. But the country suffers.


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