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Leahy Amendment Says No Arms To Nepal

There is the jungle raj like in Nepal, and there is rule of law. America is supposed to be about rule of law. The Leahy amendment makes it absolutely clear the US may not resume military aid to Nepal.
Press Conference in Nepal...arms supplies, you are saying US assistance is putting it under review. ... It’s called the Leahy amendment and it is one that is very careful watched. ... - 25k - Cached - Similar pages - Remove resultNepal: Between a Rock and a Hard Place: VIII. The Role of the ...The International Community, Arms Supplies and Human Rights Abuses ... The LeahyAmendment is a binding provision of the Foreign Operations Appropriations ... - 83k - Cached - Similar pages - Remove resultHuman Rights Watch World Report 2001 This report reviews human ...... with many arms suppliers vying for clients and a few countries dominating the ... The Leahy Amendment, which prohibited the US from giving security…

यो सडक ितम्र्ो हो

घरबाट िनस्केर आउ सडकमा
पर्खाल हाम्फालेर आउ
अंकमाल गरेर आउ
कौसीबाट हाम्फाल
ढोका खोलेर आउ
यो सडक ितम्रो हो

फािसस्टहरुले देश बेच्न लािगसके
राजा नभए देश रहन्छ
देश नरहे ितमी रहन्नौ
ितम्रो घरमा अँध्यारो छ
बत्ती बाल्ने बेला यही हो
आउ सडकमा
यो सडक ितम्रो हो

आँधीबेरी जस्तै आउ
मनसुनको बर्सात भएर आउ
तर मनसुन आउनु अगािड आउ
यो आन्दोलन समयको तकाजा हो
यो वर्तमान, यो भिवष्य ितम्रो हो
त्यसैले आउ सडकमा
यो सडक ितम्रो हो

गाउँ गाउमा आउ
शहर शहरमा आउ
िजल्लाको सदरमुकाममा आउ
राजधानीमा त ओइरेर आउ
लाखौंको संख्यामा आउ
यो सडक ितम्रो हो

आन्दोलन सफल हुन्छ
सडक रगताम्मे हुन्छ
िवजयको अबीरले
दशकौंपिछ नाित पनाितले सोध्लान
क्रान्ितका दौरान ितमी कहाँ िथयौ
ितमीले भन्नु नपरोस्
ितमी कोठामा टीभी हेरेर बसेका िथयौ
अथवा बार्दलीबाट रिमता हेरेर बसेका िथयौ
त्यसैले सडकमा आउ
यो सडक ितम्रो हो

कमल थापा हावाको गोली हान्दैछन्
ितमी बोलीको गोली हान
नारा लगाउ
कमल थापा, तुल्सी िगरीलाई जेल पुर्याउ
माधव नेपाललाई जेलबाट फुत्काउ
आउ, ितमी सडकमा आउ
यो सडक ितम्रो हो

राजा नागिरक र व्यापारी भएर बसुन्
नत्र भने जेल जाउन्
मतलब छैन
मतलब ितम्रो छ
भरे बाटो कुरेर बस्न नपरोस्
ितमी रातभिर जागाराम भए…

Kamal Thapa Is A Nazi

The govt. will foil the general strike: Home Minister ThapaHome Minister Kamal Thapa (File Photo) Home Minister Kamal Thapa has claimed that the four-day general strike (April 6-9) called by the Seven Party alliance (SPA) is in fact the programme of the CPN (Maoist) and said the government will foil it at any cost.Addressing an interaction organized by the Reporters Club of Nepal in the capital on Tuesday, Minister Thapa said the Maoists had first announced the indefinite strike beginning April 6. “Upon entering into second understanding with the Maoists, the SPA preponed its protest programme beginning April 6. Hence, there should be no illusion that the four-day strike is, in fact, the Maoists’ programme,” said the interior minister.In response to a query, Minister Thapa said the government had credible information that terrorists had entered into the capital and were likely to infiltrate the general strike and mass rally announced by the opposition alliance. “If we get hold of the r…

Why The Maoists Should Cease Violence

(1) The Maoists have committed themselves to the idea of a multi-party democratic republic. In that system you acquire power through the ballot box. Power does not flow through the barrel of a gun. The Maoists have to by then have emerged as a political party without an army. Otherwise they are suspect. That is step 4.

(2) Step 3 is the idea of a constituent assembly. Such elections have to be free and fair. The people are not going to be made to vote under the threat of the gun. That is a total no no. Step 3 is also about the Maoists having become a political party without a standing army.

(3) Step 2 is peace talks with the interim government of the seven party alliance. Those talks will be about political reasoning, not as to who is stronger militarily. There also it is not about the gun. One outcome of those talks is already certain: elections to a constituent assembly. Another outcome of those talks stays uncertain: what to do with the two armies. One, their partial integration. Two…

Hamro Nepal All Set To Be Launched

Anil and I talked earlier today. Hamro Nepal is all set to be registered and launched. Some early thoughts are as follows.
Goal: Democratic Republic through non-violent militancy. The fight is ideological, not personal. The king has the option to become a citizen and a businessman. A respectful exit can be given, but only if the regime does not exhibit bad behavior towards the street demonstrators. Hamro Nepal will be actively involved in the movement to topple the current regime, to install a democratic interim government, to help the country go through a constituent assembly. Hamro Nepal keeps open the option to launch a new political party should that help achieve the goal better, faster.
Membership fee in the US: $100. Equivalent/similar amounts in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia. Each country chapter to decide on the amount. The US chapter might do a second $100 round should an emergency situation arise. After the establishment of a democratic republic, the membership fee is to g…