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India, Europe, US For A Constituent Assembly

India and the European Union appeared to be positive on the Maoist ceasefire and the constituent assembly. You have been isolated on this count. Moriarty: I do not feel isolated at all. In my conversations with the Indians, the Europeans, they all stress that giving up the weapons has to be the part of the settlement. It is not that you are going to put the arms under the supervision and you are going to grab them back later on which is what Prachanda is saying. The Indians, the Europeans all join me in saying, ‘no, once there is a movement towards constituent assembly, you do not get the weapons back, you don’t get to terrorize the villagers with threats.’

Can you believe this? I can't believe my ears. The Maoists just scored a coup. Who could have imagined? I am not suggesting this is a new position on the part of the foreign powers. But this is the first time I came across it.America is for a constituent assembly. India is. Europe is.
I am not surprised. It is just that I think …

Congress Not Yet For A Republic

The Nepali Congress is a democratic party. And so it may decide not to go for a republic, but it will have to explain why. I hope the two factions reunite. But after they do, they are going to have to face this question. Are they or are they not for a republic?

Reunification Formula

Girija tried the amnesty formula last year, and it did not work, predictably so. You start by accepting the fact that there are two separate political parties. And then you give a formula. It could be 50-50, or 60-40. Or it could be one formula for the central committee, and one for each of the district committees. I think it will be simpler to have one formula nationwide. I would go for 60-40.

Form a reunification committee under the chairmanship of Krishna Prasad Bhattarai. 11 members, 6 from the Koirala Congress, 4 from the Deuba Congress, and Bhattarai chairing it.

A new central committee would be formed, and a new district committee in each of the 75 districts. 60 percent would be from the Koirala Congres…

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March 2 Event In New York City

Alliance for Democracy & Human Rights in Nepal, USA

and The South Asia Forum (The New School) Cordially invite you to a discussion: Nepal at the Crossroads: People Matters Speakers and sub-topics: Kanak Mani Dixit "Chairman Gyanendra vs. The People of Nepal" Mr. Dixit is a prominent Kathmandu-based journalist who is the editor of the Himal Southasia and publisher of the newsmagazine Himal Khabarpatrika. He is also a children's author and a cultural activist. Rhoderick Chalmers "Prospects for Peace: International Perspectives" Dr. Chalmers is the Deputy South Asia Project Director at the International Crisis Group. The program will start with a 10-minute performance art by Ashmina Ranjit, a prominent Nepali artist and activist, who is currently a Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University. Moderator: Professor Carol Breckenridge, Founder, The South Asia Forum Thursday, March 2nd, 2006 6:45 PM - 8:30 PM Wollman Hal…

हृदयेश त्रिपाठी: मधेसी समस्या र राज्यको पुनर्संरचना

(Source: Kantipur)

Govind Shah: Social Inclusion Of Madheshi Community In Nation Building

Ecologist and Policy Analyst
8 February 2006This paper was presented at the Civil Society Forum Workshop for Research Programme on Social Inclusion and Nation Building in Nepal Organised by SNV on 13 February 2006, Kathmandu, Nepal
1. INTRODUCTIONThe Madheshi community, in spite of having a long history of origin and habitat within the present day Nepal, is practically considered outsiders and they have been mostly marginalized and face exclusion in active political participation, administration and governance, decision-making and policy planning, and moreover, they face serious humanitarian problem i.e. of their true identity in their own native land. The Madheshi people feel highly discriminated and has almost lost ‘the sense of belongingness to this nation’. Since the early 1990s, Madheshi people have organized community groups and formed societies or organizations for the cause of Madheshi community. Th…