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This Is Huge: Emergency Over

This brings the king in the credibility zone. This shows he is at least trying to go by the constitution. This is remarkable.

This is a smart move. This now allows India to resume some military aid. And because he went as per the letter of the constitution, it does not look like he caved in to foreign pressure.

This is not exactly democracy back on track. But now the press is free. And political parties can openly organize.

Now the Maoists have no reason not to come forward for talks.

In The News
Nepal's king ends state of emergency CBC News, Canada ....Gyanendra, 55, appears to keep the special powers he took on in FebruaryNepal ends emergency, king retains extra powersReuters AlertNet ... ended a state of emergency two days early .... midnight announcement came hours after Gyanendra returned from his first foreign tour .... said he would continue the newly established Royal Commission for Corruption Control
NEPAL ENDS STATE OF EMERGENCYSpecial Broadcasting ServiceNepal's king li…

Changing Gears

Hi friends,The arrest of Gagan Thapa and other students at 3:00 in the morning from their house has disturbed me very much. The police have also confiscated the camera of Ajay Shivakoti, parts of whose footage we have used in the andolan jaari chha.. Ajay is a COCAP volunteer. All these people are very close to me, personally and in the pro-democracy movement. How can we help them? If Gyanendra is allowed to have his way, Gagan will be the first person he'l want to rot insiode prison. I have posted an appeal at insn. Please visit it and start doing something. Regards, Dinesh, April 26

Gagan Thapa's arrest has to be marked as a major turning point. The Monazis, formerly known as Monarchists, arrested a score of other student leaders around the same time. They destroyed a few cameras. Masked policemen in civilian clothes stormed the office of the largest party in the country.

These came around the hoax "April 25 11 AM" tentative date and time for the beginning of a mass…

Gagan Thapa Arrested, Deuba Re-Arrested

This gives me the impression the emergency will not be lifted at the end of April. The king is only tightening his noose. He is nowhere close to changing course. Plus, the guy ends up saying the most ridiculous things in his interviews.

From: Dr. Arzu Rana Deuba []
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2005 3:40 AM
Subject: 2.30 am Arrest of Sher Bahadur Deuba

Dear all,

I am Arzu Rana Deuba, wife of former Prime Minister of Nepal Rt. Hon.Sher
Bahadur Deuba of Nepal - I wish to inform all that my husband was arrested
an hour ago at 2.30 am by Nepal Police at the command of the so-called
"royal commission against corruption" on trumped up charges which does not
hold water as has been already re-iterated by the Asian Development Bank
in the Kathmandu Post and Kantipur broadsheets (these two are the dailies
in largest circulation in Nepal).

The very fact of his surreptious arrest under the cover of darkness with 5
truck loads of police in uniform and plainclothes is…

India's U-Turn: Nuanced As Predicted

The news today is clearer on that. But the king will do himself a big favor by letting the emergency expire at the end of April. Arms supplies might resume after that, although starting in a trickle.

On another note, the fall of the Maoists' "capital" Thawang is major news.

And Sujata Koirala is in New York City. I got informed earlier today over email. Kind of coincides with the Dinesh Prasain tour. I sent out this email to the mailing list I am part of:

Sujata Koriola should be extended all help possible
Thank you ____ for the key info.

I got to interview her over the phone for my blog.

The idea is of a Common Minimum Program. And she is
very much part of it: democracy and human rights.

It might not be a great idea, technically speaking, to
mix the Dinesh Prasain tour with hers, but people in
the same network should be individually requested to
extend her all help possible.

Plus since there is a strong feeling that we should
keep Dinesh long after…

India's U-Turn: Are Proponents Of Democracy Strong Enough?

The question of democracy in Nepal has global implications. India, US, and the EU need to keep this in mind. Countries that before have pumped in tens of millions of dollars worth of weapons should seriously consider pumping in a few million to the democratic cause in Nepal. Democrats need to outdo the autocrats when it comes to sophistication in organization, and efficiency in the execution of the protest movement.

India is not in a position to directly challenge China. Powers like the US need to realize that a China that is a democracy will be much more reasonable on issues like Taiwan. And so Chinese boosts to the king need to be countered.

The reasons for funding the democratic movement in Nepal are:
It costs much less than funding the Royal Nepali Army.The Nepali democrats would subsequently work to export democracy to the other countries in the region.
There might be long-term democratic implications also into China.Either you are for democracy, or against it. There is no middle gro…